How to ripen green mango?

Mango is a kind of fruit that many people love. It can only be produced in the tropics. It takes a long time to transport it to all parts of the country. Therefore, most of the mangoes are picked when they are not mature. Immature mangoes cannot be eaten directly and need to be ripened before they can be eaten. So, how do you buy ripe green mangoes?

First, the rice ripening method

1.Each kind of fruit itself will have ripening substances, but this kind of material is relatively slow, and it needs to use external force to promote their secretion. After you buy green mangoes and return home, you can put them in the rice at home. It is also a good choice to use rice to ripen green mangoes, because rice also produces some ethylene gas in the storage place, and this kind of ethylene is It is important to ripen the green mango, so after you buy the green mango, you can go home and bury it in the rice. After three or four days, you will find that the mango has become fully cooked.

Second, the fruit ripening method

2.Put the green mango that you bought back into the paper bag, then put two apples or pears, put the bag in the mouth and put it in a warm environment. After a day or so, the green mango inside will turn into orange color. After another day or so, the mango will become soft and ripe, and it can be taken out. The two ripening methods are natural ripening, which is completely harmless to the human body.

3, the method is similar, buy one or two bananas that are already ripe, put it and green mango into a plastic bag, then tie the bag tightly. The principle is that the ripe fruit will produce ethylene, and the ethylene can ripen the green mango. And the banana ripening effect is still very good.