Iced drinks are more likely to make people obese

It is best not to add ice when drinking sweet drinks. According to the British “Daily Mail” recently reported that drinking cold drinks will reduce the sensitivity of taste buds to sweetness.

According to reports, researchers at Arkansas State University in the United States asked volunteers to gargle with water at different temperatures. Then, volunteers can eat sweet chocolate or yogurt. The researchers found that when the water temperature was close to 0 °C, the sensitivity of the volunteers to the sweetness of the chocolate was reduced and the intake was also increased. Regardless of the water temperature, the sensitivity of the volunteers to the taste of the yogurt did not change, and the amount of yogurt consumed was not much different.

Researchers at the university believe that water temperature can affect the sensitivity of taste buds, especially the perception of sweetness. Drinking cold water or iced drinks often reduces people’s sensitivity to sweetness and induces people to eat more sugary foods, which increases the risk of obesity and diabetes.