Initial confirmation of virus source! These two types of people are not easy to feel! Summary of the latest situation of the epidemic

The current evidence does show that children and young people are not susceptible to the virus, but the virus is adapting to mutations

Gao Fu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said at a press conference held on the day of the State Office that the relationship between viruses and humans is like a “cat and mouse game.” The new coronavirus may come from wild animals and contaminated environments. It was first transmitted from animals to humans, but the virus is adapting to mutations. The current evidence does show that children and young people are not susceptible to the virus.

Tribute to frontline medical staff! More stringent hospital infection prevention and control measures will be implemented

Jiao Yahui, person in charge of the State Administration of Health and Medical Administration, said at a press conference held on the day of the State Office that medical personnel ’s infection provided evidence from person to person and that it also exposed the hospital ’s role in infection prevention Flawed. This is because we have a process of understanding the disease. At present, we have adjusted and improved the protection and infection control measures for hospitals and medical staff, and will implement stricter measures for hospital infection control.

National Health Commission and relevant departments jointly prevent and control the pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection

The reporter learned from the National Health and Health Commission that the National Health and Health Commission further strengthened its efforts to prevent and control the epidemic, strengthened response measures, and made every effort to protect the lives and health of the people.

First, pneumonia infected with a new type of coronavirus is included in the management of class B infectious diseases, and measures for the prevention and control of class A infectious diseases are adopted. At the same time, it is included in the management of infectious diseases in frontier health quarantine. Various localities, departments, and various types of medical and health institutions can take preventive and control measures such as patient isolation and treatment, close contact isolation and medical observation.

Second, the National Health and Health Commission led the establishment of a joint prevention and control working mechanism for pneumonia epidemic in response to new coronavirus infections, with a total of 32 departments. Under the joint prevention and control work mechanism, there are working groups such as epidemic prevention and control, medical treatment, scientific research, publicity, foreign affairs, logistical support, and forward work. Relevant ministries and commissions are responsible for the leadership of the comrades. They have clear responsibilities and work in coordination to form an epidemic prevention and control situation. Effective synergy.

The third is to strengthen the work of epidemic monitoring and reporting. From January 20th, a daily report and zero-report system for pneumonia cases of new coronavirus infections will be implemented nationwide. From January 21th, the National Health and Health Commission will release and summarize the provinces across the country daily. Confirmed case data.

The fourth is to guide Wuhan City, Hubei, to formulate and improve technical solutions for case diagnosis and treatment, emergency monitoring, epidemiological investigation and disposal, sampling and testing. National medical experts stationed in Wuhan to guide medical treatment, implement “one person, one case” for severe cases, and do our best to reduce severe cases and deaths.

Fifth, increase the intensity of scientific research on epidemic prevention and control, give full play to the role of relevant scientific research, professional and technical institutions, and experts, as soon as possible, identify the source of infection and the route of transmission, closely track and monitor the changes in virus virulence and transmission, and respond to changes in the epidemic. Technical preparations.

Sixth is to further strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, continue to actively strengthen the communication of epidemic information with the World Health Organization, relevant countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, and carry out timely and regular exchanges of expert-level control technical details with the World Health Organization and other parties, and jointly discuss and improve epidemic prevention and control. Measures.

Seventh, the national health and health system is deployed to strengthen on-duty duty, strictly implement preventive and control measures during the Spring Festival, and require health administrative departments and medical units at all levels to dispatch personnel familiar with the work to perform on-duty work during the Spring Festival. Hospitals at all levels and disease control The organization should keep sufficient staff.

Initial confirmation of virus source! These two types of people are not easy to feel! Summary of the latest situation of the epidemic
Experts judged that the cases were mainly related to Wuhan, that human-to-human transmission and medical staff infections had occurred, and there was a certain range of community transmission. At the same time, the virus may mutate, and the epidemic is at risk of further spread.

In the next step, classified guidance will be given to epidemic prevention and control in different regions and different populations. Further strengthened epidemic control measures in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, implemented “entry gates”, strictly implemented market supervision and wildlife control; implemented “exit gates”, strictly implemented temperature screening at airports, train stations, bus stations, and terminals, and made every effort To curb the spread of the epidemic. Strengthen epidemic surveillance in provinces where cases have been found, implement “five early” measures (early case detection, early reporting, early isolation, early diagnosis, early treatment), deploy medical resources to strengthen case management, and do close contact tracking management , Hospital infection prevention and control, laboratory biosafety, etc., carry out patriotic health campaigns, increase environmental sanitation efforts, and delay the spread of the epidemic. In provinces where no cases have been found, formulate and improve emergency plans and work plans, and focus on preparing for outbreaks such as negative pressure ambulances, negative pressure wards, diagnosis and treatment experts, therapeutic drugs, testing reagents, killing medicines and protective supplies, and carry out medical services. Staff training to ensure effective treatment in the event of an outbreak.

For confirmed cases and suspected cases, guide the deployment of high-quality traditional Chinese and western medical medical resources, and the state promptly deploys expert support as needed to do a good job in treatment and minimize deaths, while standardizing the conduct of epidemiological investigations and close contact tracking management. For suspected cases, carry out laboratory testing of specimens as soon as possible and make a clear diagnosis as soon as possible. For those who are in close contact with cases, guide the localities to do a good job of tracking management, medical observation, temperature monitoring, etc., and release the quarantine in time if no abnormality is found after the quarantine period. For medical personnel, strengthen business training and safety protection, implement hospital infection prevention and control measures, and strictly prevent medical personnel infection. Take a variety of forms for the public to carry out scientific popularization and education on disease prevention and control knowledge, and improve self-awareness and ability to prevent diseases.

Combined with the characteristics of high mobility of people during the Spring Festival, it will guide localities to implement measures for ventilation and disinfection of crowded places such as stations, airports, shopping malls and closed vehicles such as cars and trains according to local conditions, and if necessary, conduct temperature monitoring in crowded places in key areas. ; Require medical institutions at all levels to strictly implement the system of fever screening, pre-screening and triage, and the first diagnosis, and carefully screen and effectively treat pneumonia cases of new type of coronavirus infection. No medical reason, such as medical expenses, shall be used to refute, refuse to confirm or Suspected case.

As of now, the supply of related therapeutic drugs, testing reagents, and medical protective supplies in China is normal, which can effectively meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control. The national joint prevention and control work mechanism will send national working groups and expert groups to the localities in time to guide the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures and ensure that the people will have a stable and peaceful Spring Festival.