“Intestinal tract” want to not get sick, eat these 3 foods less

Regarding intestinal health, it is something that every one of us needs to focus on in life. At present, various intestinal problems are at a higher risk, with mild problems like constipation and intestinal stress, and serious problems like intestinal polyps and bowel cancer. Pay attention to intestinal health, you should start by adjusting your own eating habits, eat what you should eat, reject what you should not eat, reject unhealthy eating and living habits, and hope that your intestines will be healthy and easy Invasion. Bowel health, long life; how to do it, see here.

What to eat to prevent bowel problems such as intestinal polyps?

In fact, food is not magic. If you simply want to eat certain food to prevent intestinal problems such as intestinal polyps, then it is “unrealistic”. Food is not a medicine. Please face it.

Of course, compared with unhealthy foods such as processed cured meat foods, it is recommended that everyone eat fresh and healthy foods; in addition, the food should be diverse and hygienic. In the process of eating, warm foods should be eaten. Vegetarian foods such as whole grains, drink plenty of water, and refuse unhealthy eating habits.

Protect the intestines, eat less food:

Various processed meat products:
Meat foods such as sausages, bacon, and ham are “foods that make it difficult for everyone to move.” However, the unique risks inherent in these foods stem from the nitrites contained in them. Nitrite can protect color, flavor, and preservation. It has many effects on processed meat, and regular consumption will increase the risk of digestive cancer, including colon cancer.

What’s more, processed meat products are mostly “heavy taste foods”, and foods that are too salty will undoubtedly damage the intestines.

High-fat foods such as fried foods:
Many foods are delicious, mainly because they contain more fatty substances, such as your favorite fried foods. However, excessive intake of fat can easily induce obesity, and it will increase the burden on the intestine and increase the risk of intestinal diseases.

Overly detailed staples:
Modern people’s diets are too “fine”, and white rice, noodles, and white steamed buns have a high staple food share on the table. However, long-term past will lead to a lack of cellulose and other substances, thus increasing the risk of constipation and other problems. For staple foods, it is recommended that you mix thick and thin, mix and match, while enriching the taste, you should also increase the intake of cellulose.

There are four kinds of problems that need to be paid attention to intestinal health (the situation):

Repeated abdominal pain in the lower part of the abdomen, compression pain.
Constipation, diarrhea and other problems often occur, and bowel habits have changed over the years.
Continuous blood problems in the stool, with mucus and pus.
Changes in stool characteristics, such as shape and color.
To protect the intestinal tract and promote intestinal health, you should start with the daily life, adjust your diet, eat fresh and healthy food, eat more fruits and vegetables and coarse grains, drink more water, eat soft and comfortable food, eat less meals, Reduce the frequency of intake of unhealthy foods; take appropriate exercise daily to avoid obesity and being overweight; maintain good habits and interests and hobbies to make your mood more pleasant; regular physical examination to pay attention to possible intestinal problems; intestinal health Well-being, I hope your intestines will always be relaxed and natural.