Is it useful to drink ginger soup for a cold?

According to Wang Zemin, a doctor of Wangjing Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, according to the theory of Chinese medicine, colds are caused by the human body feeling the evil spirits in nature. Symptoms, also known as evidence. Depending on the nature of the disease felt by the patient, colds can be divided into cold and cold.

Wind-cold cold is caused by the evil external attack of wind-cold and loss of lung qi. Symptoms are: severe cold, light fever, no sweat, headache, body pain, nasal congestion, runny nose, cough, thin white sputum, thirst or thirst like hot drink, thin white fur. Traditional Chinese medicine treats colds and colds mainly by the method of Xinwenjie table. Drinking hot soup or hot porridge while taking medicine will make the body sweat, which will help dispel the cold and help relieving the evil.

Wind-heat fever is caused by wind-heat wickedness, lung loss, and the like. Symptoms are: severe fever, sore head, sweating, sore throat, cough, yellow or sputum, yellow nose, stuffy nose, yellow nose, thirsty drink, red tongue tip, thin white or yellowish fur. Traditional Chinese medicine treats colds and colds mainly by treating coldness and cooling the table, and sometimes using cold drinks such as mint tea for adjuvant treatment.

患者 Cold patients should carefully distinguish between different cold types based on their symptoms. If they are not sure for a while, they should seek the help of a professional doctor.

Ginger ginger is a daily seasoning and can be used as medicine. Its medicinal properties are warm, can relieve sweat, relieve wind and dispel cold, relieve its effects, and is suitable for cold cold evidence. If you feel the cold in the winter, drink a bowl of hot ginger soup, or boil it with brown sugar to make ginger sugar water, which will make the patient slightly sweat, and it has a curative effect. Chinese medicine believes that Xin Wen’s things have the characteristics of divergence. When the external evil qi is still on the muscle surface and Xin is sweating, the evil will easily come out with sweat, and the disease will be resolved accordingly.

Dr. Wang Zemin Ren believes that ginger, which is a substance of warmth, has the effect of removing cold and resisting evil, on the one hand, it can also be used to warm the body. In the early stages of cold and cold, drinking hot ginger water is really good. Hot pot can also play a similar role in detoxification. As for the cold and wind, the human body has already felt the heat evil. If you take ginger warm medicine at this time, it is like pouring oil on the fire, which is counterproductive. Therefore, the treatment of colds must be based on dialectical treatment, and we must not adopt the method of “Gang Tang covering sweat”.