Is vitamin drink nutritious?

Today, the business is full of variety and launched a variety of vitamin drinks. For such beverages, consumers have various questions in mind, and the following will answer the questions and provide guidance.

  1. Does the Chinese Dietary Guidelines promote drinking vitamin drinks? The “Chinese Dietary Guidelines” states that: Drink plenty of water every day and choose a drink reasonably. The human body needs more than 40 kinds of nutrients, which should come mainly from a variety of foods. It should be able to meet the requirements through a reasonable diet. A certain amount of nutrients can also be provided by drinking water or beverages, but should not be used as a major source of nutrients for the body.
  2. Is vitamin drink and vitamin in fruit the same thing? Most of the vitamins added to vitamin drinks are artificially synthesized, and some have the same structure as natural ones, and some are different. The vitamins in fruits are natural. In addition to vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, they also contain healthful plant compounds such as flavonoids, anthocyanins, etc., which are not provided by beverages.
  3. Is it necessary to drink vitamin water as a water? no need. As long as we follow the “Chinese Dietary Guidelines” to achieve a balanced diet, we can basically meet the body’s need for vitamins. Drinking vitamin drinks as water for a long time is more harmful than good for health. Most beverages contain added sugar and contain more calories. In addition, often drinking more sugary vitamin drinks, will affect appetite, affecting three meals a day, the problem of insufficient intake of micronutrients.
  4. Is excessive consumption of vitamin drinks harmful? Will it affect the intake of other nutrients? Vitamins in vitamin drinks are mostly water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin C or B vitamins. Although water-soluble vitamins can be excreted in the urine after entering the human body, less poisoning occurs, but it does not mean unlimited intake, not More is better. If you take vitamin supplements at the same time, plus vitamin drinks and dietary vitamins, the intake of vitamins may be excessive, which is not good for the body.