It is good for the elderly to drink tea!

For the elderly, most have the habit of drinking tea. In fact, good tea drinking habits can play a role in health, so the elderly should learn more about this. However, because each elderly person has different physical conditions, there is a certain difference in the tea that is suitable for them to drink.

What kind of tea does the old man drink?

1, Old people with high blood pressure

For the elderly with high blood pressure, you can adjust some tea to drink, and the essence of this tea is to have the effect of reducing blood pressure. The beverage with the above effects can be prepared according to the following steps: firstly, 10 g of dried chrysanthemum, 3 g of green tea leaves and 3 g of crushed pine, then placed in a teapot and filled with boiling water. After ten minutes, it can be drunk. . The taste of this tea is sweet and bitter, and the smell is fragrant. Long-term drinking can achieve the effect of lowering blood pressure and clearing the liver and clearing the eye, so it is very suitable for the elderly with high blood pressure.

2, High blood lipids of the elderly

Hyperlipidemia is also a common disease in the elderly, so for those who like to drink tea, you can choose some teas that have the effect of lowering blood fat. The tea can also be prepared by itself. The process of preparation is as follows. First, take 10 grams of glutinous rice and 30 grams of hawthorn into a teapot. Add the appropriate amount of rock sugar and put in water. Then cook for 10 minutes on a warm fire. You can drink. This tea tastes sweet and sour, has an appetizing and digestive effect, and can be used for long-term drinking to relax blood vessels and lower blood fat.

3, Old people with poor eyesight

Old people with poor eyesight can choose to drink some tea with clear glare effect. Generally, chrysanthemums with Atractylodes, Alisma, and Lotus have a clear effect. When making this kind of tea, it is best to use the method of soaking, so that the eyesight effect of the tea can be better exerted. In addition, this tea also has an antiemetic effect, so people who have this need can also brew.

4, The elderly with high blood sugar

Many elderly people have high blood sugar levels. If these people do not control their blood sugar levels, they will easily develop diabetes, which will bring many hidden dangers to themselves. Therefore, those with high blood sugar should drink more tea with hypoglycemic effect. For example, 枸杞 with yam and smallpox in a ratio of 5:4:4, this tea also needs to be slag to drink. Drinking such a long-term tea not only has the effect of lowering blood sugar, but also has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney.

All in all, for the elderly, what kind of tea is suitable for drinking is based on their physical condition. Therefore, after confirming your physical condition, the elderly can choose the tea that suits their drinking according to the relevant narrative in this article.