Japanese media: Eat more cheese is good for love

Japanese media reported that according to the survey of Chengcheng Psychology and Culture College, people who regularly eat cheese will cherish their partners more. The Chengcheng Institute of Psychology and Culture has conducted research on whether the secretion of hormonal hormones in love is related to eating cheese, for 600 couples (or husbands and wives) between the ages of 20 and 40.

In the process of love, the human brain produces a substance called the hormone hormone. Under the influence of love hormones, people will be very excited. Cheese is one of the many substances that can promote the secretion of this hormone hormone.

According to the survey, people who eat more cheese will cherish their other half. After eating cheese, it can promote the secretion of hormone hormones and prolong the heartbeat of love.

When it comes to eating cheese, it is not that you eat it by yourself. You can share it with two people, or you can have a drink while eating. In order to deepen the relationship between lovers, just eat more cheese together!