More hot drinks to cure colds

Ronald Eccles, director of the Cold Center at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom, conducted a trial in which 15 people with colds drank hot tea directly; 15 others smelled and ate. The results showed that the second group of subjects no longer felt sore and cold in 30 minutes.

In this regard, Ronald Turner, a cold researcher at the University of Virginia in the United States, explained that hot drinks emit a richer odor and water vapor, which stimulates the production of saliva and other mucus, thereby relieving dry mouth and irritating the nose. The mucosa expands the capillaries and relieves the nasal congestion to some extent.

In addition, Professor David Lacor, the head of the Department of Integrated Medicine at the University of Wisconsin, said that if you smell hot drinks, it is best to choose hot green tea, hot honey lemonade and hot chicken soup. These three hot drinks contain substances that fight viruses, bacteria and infections, and the volatilized water vapor helps to remove bacteria and viruses from the mouth and nose.

Lacor pointed out that it is best for patients to smell hot drinks when they are hot, and the nose is about a fist away from the hot drink. When the hot drink is not hot, drink it. Because this will stimulate the body to recover the stress cells and accelerate the recovery of the cold. If you have a cold in your family, your family can also smell hot drinks to prevent colds. It is best to smell it once a day for a week.