New research finds asparagus can prevent hangovers

According to research by Jeju National University in South Korea, vegetables rich in amino acids and minerals can alleviate hangover symptoms and protect liver cells against toxins. The results were published in the journal Food Science. The researchers analyzed the shoots and leaves of asparagus and compared their effects on human and rat liver cells. Principal investigator Kim said: “The substances extracted from the buds and leaves of asparagus have significantly reduced cytotoxicity. These results provide evidence that asparagus may help to reduce hangovers and protect liver cells.” The researchers also studied asparagus Different components in the different effects of preventing a terrible drinking overdose. They found that the asparagus leaves had better amino acid and mineral content than the buds, that is, the leaves better protected liver damage and prevented hangovers.

Previous studies by the Jeju University School of Medicine in South Korea have shown that asparagus is rich in high amino acids, which have the function of stimulating enzymes and accelerate the decomposition of alcohol in the body. This is not the first time that asparagus has been found to have healthy properties.