Nutritional countermeasures for oral ulcers

When oral ulcers occur, most people’s countermeasures are to eat more fruits and vegetables (supplement of vitamin C), but often it does not work. Because the most closely related to oral ulcers is not the lack of vitamin C, but the lack of vitamin B2 (and other B vitamins).

Which foods are rich in vitamin B2? It is a pity that daily foods contain vitamin B2. They are not very rich. The attempt to find a food with a particularly high vitamin B2 content to supplement vitamin B2 is doomed to failure. The successful way is to make the diet as balanced as possible, that is, fish, meat, eggs, milk, soy products, green vegetables, fresh fruits, coarse grains and so on. However, for many people, this method is equivalent to not saying.

Direct supplementation of vitamin tablets or pills is a quick and effective way. Vitamin B2 and other vitamins are easy to buy in pharmacies. Vitamin B2 deficiency often occurs simultaneously with other vitamin deficiencies. This is because vitamin B2 deficiency is mainly caused by uneven diet, and diet imbalance is likely to lack multivitamins, not just vitamin B2, so it is best to add multiple vitamins at the same time. Including vitamin B2, vitamin B1, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. The approximate dose is B2 (3 times a day, 5 tablets each time), vitamin B1 (3 times a day, 10 tablets each time), B6 ​​(3 times a day, 10 tablets each time), vitamin C (3 times a day) , 1 capsule 100mg each time).

The recommended dosage of the above vitamins is relatively large, that is, exceed the recommended intake of the general diet (the recommended intake of vitamin C is 100 mg per day, and the recommended daily intake of vitamins B1, B2 and B6 is only 1, 2 mg). Play a role in the treatment of oral ulcers. For security reasons, don’t do this for a long time. It is best to use short-term applications, such as one or two weeks.

If the oral ulcer is recurrent or does not heal for a long time, then you should think about the possibility of zinc deficiency, which can heal after zinc supplementation. Zinc deficiency affects the healing of the wound (the ulcer is). A typical situation is that when eating, the skin of the lips is not bitten, and the local non-healing forms an ulcer. The method of supplementing zinc is to take zinc gluconate (with oral liquid form and granule form), and add 10~20 mg per day (based on elemental zinc).

If you can understand that oral ulcers reflect poor recipes (unbalanced), poor recipes are likely to lack multiple nutrients, not just vitamin B2, vitamin C and zinc that we focus on, then the next precautions It is easy to understand: supplement complex vitamins and minerals (such as the survival of medicines, Jin Shierkang, 21 Jinweita, etc., as well as health foods such as good quality, gold partner, Bilijian, etc.).

Of course, even if you choose a multivitamin, you should still pay attention to a balanced diet. Fish and eggs, dark vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, and soy products are all complete and drink plenty of water. After all, a balanced diet is the fundamental way to prevent oral ulcers.

Finally, we must emphasize the refractory, recurrent, severe, stubborn oral ulcers, which are mostly related to immune diseases, infections or comprehensive factors. It is not as simple as vitamin deficiency. It can not be cured only by vitamin supplementation. You must seek medical advice promptly and apply related drugs (including hormones). Even at this time, a balanced diet or supplementation with multivitamins is still recommended.

In addition, even if the mouth is caused by vitamin deficiency, it can be cured with hormones. This reminds us that when oral ulcers occur, we must first improve the dietary mix and vitamin supplements.