Often eat fungus seaweed is beneficial to lower blood sugar

Short-term, one-time high blood sugar does not cause serious damage to the human body. However, long-term hyperglycemia can cause lesions in various tissues and organs of the whole body, leading to acute and chronic complications. Such as pancreatic failure, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, decreased resistance, impaired renal function, neuropathy, fundus lesions. Controlling high blood sugar is imperative. In order to keep blood sugar steady every day, we must try to avoid bad habits that may cause blood sugar to rise. The following 8 foods can help you lower your blood sugar.

1, bitter gourd

The taste is extremely bitter, cold, and has the functions of clearing away heat, clearing the liver and improving eyesight and detoxification. Modern medical research has found that bitter gourd contains bitter melon, serotonin, glutamic acid, alanine and vitamin B1. The crude extract of bitter gourd has an insulin-like effect, which can lower blood sugar and has a good preventive effect on diabetes.

2, pumpkin

Sweet, warm, have the function of supplementing the vital energy, reducing inflammation and relieving pain. Modern research has found that pumpkin can promote the secretion of insulin, thereby lowering blood sugar.

3, onions

It is sweet, spicy, and slightly warm. It has similar taste to onions and garlic. It has the effect of strengthening stomach, increasing appetite and widening the qi. It has the effect of reducing sugar with garlic. Regular consumption of onions can not only satisfy hunger, but also reduce sugar and cure diseases.

4, black fungus

Containing polysaccharides from auricularia, vitamins, proteins, carotene and minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium and iron, of which fungus polysaccharide has hypoglycemic effect. Experiments have shown that fungus polysaccharide can reduce blood sugar in diabetic mice. Black fungus can be used for cooking or stewing, and can also be used as ingredients.

5, seaweed

It is rich in laver polysaccharides, protein, fat, carotene, vitamins, etc. Among them, laver polysaccharide can significantly lower blood sugar. Diabetic patients can eat seaweed before meals to lower blood sugar.

6, Konjac

A low heat, high cellulose food. Because of its large molecular weight, high viscosity, and slow excretion in the intestine, it can delay the absorption of glucose and effectively reduce the blood sugar after meal. Grape mannan contained in konjac has a good effect on reducing blood sugar in diabetic patients. Because it has strong water absorption and low heat content, it can increase satiety, reduce hunger and reduce weight, so it is an ideal food for diabetic patients.

7, wheat bran

Sweet, flat, and cold, in addition to filling the hunger and supplementing nutrition, it can also raise the heart and calm the nerves. Bran wheat can benefit from qi, dehumidification and antiperspirant; wheat bran can be adjusted in the middle, clearing heat and relieving sweat, which can be selected according to the condition. Mix the wheat bran and flour in a ratio of 6:4, and mix the eggs to make a cake. It can be used as a meal for diabetics or as a food for meals.

8, pig pancreas

It is flat, baked and ground into powder. Long-term use has obvious curative effect on lowering blood sugar and maintaining blood sugar stability.