Research found that cyanosis can prevent aging

A research team at Kyoto University in Japan found in the experiment that causol, a commonly used excipient in Japanese cuisine, contains active ingredients that inhibit active oxygen to prevent aging.

Perilla is a genus of the genus Perilla, an annual herb that is widely distributed in Asia. Perilla is popular among Japanese people. Green perilla on both sides of the leaves often appears in Japanese cuisine and is used as an auxiliary in the production of sashimi and tempura. Perilla is rich in minerals and vitamins, has a good anti-inflammatory effect, and can be used for fresh food preservation and sterilization. Its leaves can be used to make dishes. It can also be used to pickle kimchi. The seeds are rich in healthy perilla oil. The oil has a strong aroma.

The research team analyzed the composition of 12 kinds of fruits and vegetables such as cranberry, peach and apple. It was found that celasus contains a polyphenol called “DDC” which can inhibit active oxygen. When this component was added to the experimental mouse cells, the antioxidant enzyme was greatly increased. In addition, the team also confirmed that chemically synthesized DDCs have the same efficacy.

Research director Kumi Liming pointed out: “The content of DDC per cranberry is very limited. It does not work without eating a few kilograms of leaves per day, so it is necessary to refine the ingredients to make a dietary supplement.”

Relevant research results will be published in the journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine.