Research says white rice white noodles are related to lung cancer risk? !

A new study from the Texas State University Anderson Cancer Center shows that foods with high glycemic index (GI), such as white rice and white bread, can increase lung cancer risk by 49%.

After being reported by the media as “in compliance with the World Health Organization’s junk food standards”, the white rice noodles represented by white rice were once again pushed to the black list.

Is white rice white so terrible? “Life Times” invited domestic authoritative experts to interpret this.

White rice white noodles are related to lung cancer risk? !

The report, published in the American academic journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, is known as the largest study ever analyzing the potential relationship between glycemic index (GI) and lung cancer.

The researchers compared 1,905 newly diagnosed patients with lung cancer with 2,413 healthy people and found that people who consumed the highest glycemic index daily had a 49% higher risk of developing lung cancer than the lowest.

The study even found that people who do not smoke regularly will have a higher risk of lung cancer than smokers if they eat too much high glycemic index food. Anderson’s Cancer Center professor Stephanie Melkian is the first author of the study. She analyzed: “The daily intake of high-glycemic index foods can lead to elevated blood sugar and insulin concentrations, thereby disrupting insulin-like growth factors. The balance of (IGFs).

Previous studies have shown that the increase in the content of IGFs in humans is associated with an increased prevalence of lung cancer. However, the researchers also said that the subjects were all Latino whites and the ethnicity was relatively simple. Then they would join other ethnic groups in the study to make the study more representative.

Prior to the above study, people had a “condemnation” of high-carbohydrate foods such as white rice and white flour. In 2014, a post about white rice was junk food caused a sensation on the Internet. The reason is that white rice meets the World Health Organization definition of junk food: high sugar, high calorie, low protein, low vitamin, low mineral, low fiber. .

In the “Healthy Eating Pyramid” published by the Harvard School of Public Health, white rice is ranked at the top of the turret with unhealthy food such as red meat, processed meat, butter, sugary drinks, and salt.

As soon as the study was published, the media used the title of “eat white rice equivalent to smoking”, and some people simply interpreted the study as “causing white rice to cause cancer”.

“It is too exaggerated to eat white rice equivalent to smoking”

Let’s first look at the glycemic index. After the carbohydrates in the food enter the human body, they are digested and decomposed into monosaccharides, and then enter the blood circulation, thereby affecting blood sugar levels.

Because the digestion speed of food is different, the degree of absorption is different, and the speed of sugar entering the blood is fast and slow, so there is a concept of food “glycemic index”, which is used to measure the degree of influence of food on blood sugar concentration.

Simply put, the blood sugar immediately rises after eating, which is the high glycemic index food. The slower rise is the low glycemic index food. Common high-glycemic index foods include white rice, white bread, corn flakes, popcorn, potatoes, pumpkin, soda crackers, etc., while green leafy vegetables, whole wheat bread, brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, corn, yam, beans, etc. It belongs to low glycemic index food.

In the past, improper diet caused obesity and high blood sugar to be well known, but this study shows that high glycemic index diets such as polished rice noodles can also threaten lung health.

Li Junling, an expert in the field of lung cancer, told the Life Times reporter that he first heard that the correlation between the high glycemic index diet and lung cancer is so great. “I think that the above research still needs more clinical observations, and it can’t be conclusive.” Li Junling said that the world’s recognized lung cancer is mainly caused by smoking, indoor air pollution caused by decoration, cooking, smog and other environmental pollution, lungs. Chronic inflammation, as well as overwork, occupational exposure, genetic factors, etc.

Nutrition expert Shuguang Feng also issued a statement saying that white rice causes lung cancer to be a misinterpretation of research papers. The harm of white rice is equivalent to smoking. “It is really exaggerating the harm of rice.” Regular eating of white rice and lung cancer may be statistically prevalent. Relevance, but does not mean that eating white rice is the direct cause of lung cancer, nor does it mean that you will get lung cancer when eating white rice, so don’t worry too much.

Director Li Wenhui analyzed the reporters whether the exercise habits, genetic factors and other indicators of the subjects in the study were completely matched, which may also affect the data results.

On the other hand, people who eat more white rice noodles at the same time may have poor eating and living habits such as eating more meat and less exercise. These factors may also lead to an increased risk of cancer. “This study suggests that we need to focus on the health effects of a high glycemic index diet, but the relationship with lung cancer needs further validation.”

Eat staple food to match the thickness

The main ingredient of finely processed foods such as polished rice noodles is carbohydrates, which provide the body with the necessary energy to ensure a clear head and strong body. An increase in blood glucose in the normal range is necessary for normal work and study. For polished rice noodles, it is more important to pay attention to how to eat and control the total intake.

1 Thickness and fineness is the key

Grain health is one of the essence of Chinese food culture. In the classic Chinese medicine book “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic”, there is a saying that “the grain is raised”. But in recent years, this good habit has been lost. Li Wenhui said that in the process of fine processing of food, the B vitamins in the seed skin and shell will be lost, and the dietary fiber will be destroyed, leading to a further increase in the glycemic index. Therefore, you should eat less white rice and white noodles, and eat whole wheat noodles and brown rice. When eating white rice noodles, it is best to mix with millet, corn, buckwheat, sorghum and other coarse grains to reduce the glycemic index.

Xu Wei said that the Chinese Dietary Guidelines recommend that 250-400 grams of cereals should be eaten every day over 6 years old. The variety should be diversified. Flour and rice each account for 30% to 40%, and coarse grains account for 20% to 30%. The white rice does not exceed twice the size of your fist.

2 increase dietary fiber intake

Increase dietary fiber intake. Li Wenhui said that foods with more dietary fiber have lower energy, can lower the level of glycemic, and are also good for intestinal health. They can build a natural defensive wall for the human body. Therefore, while eating polished rice noodles, you should eat more dietary fiber-rich foods, such as green leafy vegetables, miscellaneous beans, and potatoes. You can add red beans, mung beans, peanuts, etc. when you steam rice or porridge. You can also simmer vegetable porridge, or add carrots, peas, etc. to rice, not only can avoid high blood sugar rise, but also richer nutrition.

3 Reduce oil intake

Reduce oil intake. The high oil content in the food will accelerate the digestion and absorption rate of the intestines, which will lead to a decrease in the utilization rate of sugar and an increase in the level of sugar. Therefore, in the same as eating white rice, try to reduce oil intake and avoid frying and frying.