Seven diseases can be treated with banana

Cholesterol lowering serum

Cholesterol is too high to cause coronary heart disease, and the stalk of banana has a role in lowering cholesterol. Those who have high serum cholesterol can use 50 grams of banana fruit stems, wash the slices, and drink with boiling water. Drinking for 10 to 20 days can reduce cholesterol.

Prevention of gastrointestinal ulcers

Patients with gastrointestinal ulcers often take Baotaisong, which often causes gastric bleeding. And banana contains a chemical that can prevent gastric ulcers, which can stimulate the growth and reproduction of gastric mucosal cells, and produce more mucosa to protect the stomach.

Treatment of hypertension

Patients with hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases often have more sodium and less potassium, and bananas are rich in potassium ions. Potassium ions can inhibit the contraction of blood vessels and damage the cardiovascular system by sodium ions. Eating bananas can maintain the sodium-potassium balance and acid-base balance in the body, keep the nerves and muscles normal, and coordinate the contraction of the heart muscle. Therefore, eating 3 to 5 bananas daily is beneficial to patients with hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Treatment of depression

Banana contains a substance that can help the human brain produce serotonin, which makes people happy, lively and cheerful. Patients with depression can usually eat more bananas to reduce depression, disappoint pessimism, and dissatisfaction with worldly dissatisfaction.

Treatment of skin pruritus

Banana skin contains hesperetin, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. Experiments have proven that banana peel is effective in treating itching and beriberi caused by fungi or bacteria. Patients can select fresh banana peels and rub it repeatedly on the itchy skin, or mash them into mud, or wash them with decoction for several days.

Treat Cough

Lung fever cough with 1-2 bananas, stewed with rock sugar. 1-2 times a day for several days, the effect is good.

Treatment of hemorrhoids and blood in the stool

Eat 2 bananas on an empty stomach every day, or cook without peeling and eating. Can intestinal laxative and reduce hemorrhoid bleeding.