Sore throat, try egg white

There is a patient, a little famous singer. A very delicate girl is a mouth, the voice is hoarse and disappointing, accompanied by a severe cough. It turned out that she was rushing to the concert at night and night, met an enthusiastic fan invitation, drank some wine, and went home to become like this. Because I am worried that taking medicine will affect recovery, I will come to the doctor after I recommend it.

The doctor asked her to open her mouth and “ah” and found that her tonsils were swollen and her throat was red. This situation is a bit like acute pharyngitis or acute tonsillitis, and it really has to be treated. Fortunately, her tonsils are not purulent, and there is no need to consider antibiotics. So the doctor recommended a prescription to her, try to use the egg to clear the throat. To do this, break an egg, remove the egg white, and add the rock sugar to the bowl. Quickly stir into a foam with chopsticks. When the throat is itchy or hoarse, take 3 scoops of egg white foam in the mouth and swallow it slowly. It is very effective for relieving cough and throat.

If the sound is very hoarse, you can also boil a spoonful of green tea leaves, add 500 ml of water, and cook for 10 minutes on low heat. Then use an egg, take out the egg white, add some sugar to make a foam, then pour the boiled tea into the protein foam, then drink it before going to bed, and eat all the protein foam. Because the egg cleansing foam will always moisturize in the throat, the symptoms of dry throat and hoarseness will be significantly improved the next morning.

After the singer went home and tried to drink two times, he immediately called the doctor to say that it was effective and asked what follow-up treatments were needed. The doctor told her that she only needs to drink several times a day. She usually eats spicy and irritating foods. If she takes two days to raise her throat, she should be able to recover completely. It is said that she recently opened a concert again, and her voice is as sweet as ever.