Spinach is rich in iron, but not conducive to iron

As everyone knows, iron is an indispensable nutrient for the human body. It is very important for the body, especially the elderly and women. If people lack iron in their bodies, they are prone to symptoms of iron deficiency anemia. Therefore, we must pay attention to our diet in daily life. We all know that spinach contains a lot of iron. Everyone thinks it is the first choice for iron supplementation. However, because its absorption rate is very low, it is not conducive to the body to supplement iron, iron is not a casual supplement, there are still many things to pay attention to, today, Qingqing said that iron deficiency anemia should eat Come to fill the blood! The first thing to do is to supplement the iron. What kind of iron is it to eat?

Eating animal visceral iron

Animal liver is rich in iron, and it is cheap and easy to cook. It is the most common iron supplement. Spinach contains plant iron, the absorption efficiency may be only 1% to 2%; but when cooking the liver, it is best to use steaming, and steaming time is not too long. In addition, the animal’s internal organs are also rich in protein, vitamin A and trace element iron, but because the animal’s internal organs have high levels of cholesterol and saturated fat, it is not suitable for everyone to eat, and it is easy to cause cardiovascular disease. High” patients are not recommended to eat animal internal organs.

Eating duck blood, pig blood and other animal blood

Eat blood and blood, pig blood, chicken blood, duck blood and other animal blood iron content is high, such as 100 grams of pig blood containing iron 260 mg, equivalent to 10 times the iron content of pig liver, and the utilization rate can be as high as 12 %, the general market has been sold, duck blood reached 30 mg / 100 g, chicken blood 25 mg / 100 g. Moreover, the iron contained in animal blood is almost all heme iron, and the absorption rate is also the highest among all foods. Of course, it is not edible too much, about twice a week, and it is recommended not to exceed 100g each time.

Eat lean meat

In addition to the good iron supplementation effect of various animal internal organs, it has been found that the lean meat of various animals also contains a lot of rich iron, so it is also possible to eat more lean meat foods in daily life. To a good iron and blood. There are mainly pork, beef, mutton, etc. The absorption and utilization rate of iron in meat is very high, and it is convenient to purchase and process, which is suitable for the iron supplementation of pregnant women. Pork 3 mg / 100 g, lean mutton 3.9 mg / 100 g, beef 2.8 mg / 100 g. More than half of the iron in red meat is heme iron, and the iron absorption rate is between 15 and 20%. And hemoglobin in meat is better absorbed than in plants.

Iron supplementation also needs attention to the intake of fresh green vegetables and fresh fruits.

In addition to the above foods, we should also pay attention to the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, and intake more vitamin C from fresh fruits and vegetables to improve the actual absorption and utilization of iron. Vegetables should be guaranteed a pound per day, fresh green leafy vegetables should account for more than half a catty; fruit should also achieve more than 3 kinds of intake such as: fresh dates, sea buckthorn, carrots, kiwi, grapefruit, green pepper, longan, tomato, strawberry, cabbage Cucumbers, etc. are all good choices.

With regard to iron supplementation, the sooner these things are known, the better.

First of all, let’s talk about some iron supplements, red dates and brown sugar, which are often mentioned by us. Although their colors look red and contain certain mineral iron, their absorption rate is really bad, especially for many people after childbirth. I think that brown sugar is always drinking brown sugar water. If you drink brown sugar for too long, it will increase the blood volume of lochia, causing blood loss and causing anemia. At the same time, drinking a lot of brown sugar water will also cause excessive energy intake, which is not conducive to postpartum recovery. There is also no mechanism for iron supplementation in spinach.

Can I use iron in a wok to make iron? Cooking in a wok, the iron on the wall of the pot does have a small amount of debris falling off. After touching the food, a chemical reaction turns into iron ions, which are mixed into the food and increase the iron content in the food. However, the body needs to absorb the ferrous iron, but the ferric iron produced by the wok cooking is not easily absorbed by the body! Therefore, it is not scientific to supplement the iron by cooking in a wok! !