Such plums are delicious and appetizing to help digestion

The plum season is coming! Sweet and sour plums can be processed into dried plums, plum wine, plum vinegar, etc. Both big and small kids love it! Starting from April each year, it is the season when plums are abundant. May use fresh plums to make healthy plum vinegar. Not only can it be used instead of salt when hot-fried, but also can be used as a cold dish to promote appetite and help digestion. The benefits are many!

Ravioli plum vinegar can be stir-fried in cold sauce and seasoned with fragrant instead of salt

The plum and vinegar are a perfect match! Nutritionist Xie Yiru pointed out that plums and vinegar both happen to be “medicinal and food homologous”. They are Chinese medicine and food. The combination of the two has many benefits and is widely used. In weekday cuisine, you can add plum vinegar as appropriate to enhance the flavor and flavor, and also highlight the salty taste of the dish. Therefore, the amount of salt is reduced, which is suitable for hot stir-fry or cold dressing.

Plum vinegar appetizer helps digestion 喝 Moderate drinking can also improve intestines and stomach

In addition, plum vinegar can also be appetizing and help digestion! Plum vinegar has a sweet and sour taste, and has an appetizing effect, especially for people with a bad appetite or deteriorating taste, which can especially promote appetite. Therefore, plum vinegar is very suitable for appetizers or cold dishes.

In addition, Xie Yiru said that plum vinegar can also promote gastric acid secretion and gastrointestinal motility. For people who have less gastric acid secretion, you can drink a diluted amount of plum vinegar to help digestion.

The so-called “Wangmeizhike” can induce saliva secretion by thinking about and smelling the sour taste of plums. It can quench thirst, and saliva also contains digestive enzymes, which can help digestion. In addition, the acidity of plums and the organic acids contained in it also have health effects such as bacteriostasis, stomach and intestines.

Plum vinegar digestion greasy carefully control food intake

On the other hand, many people think that plum vinegar has a degreasing effect. In fact, when we eat a diet that is too sweet or greasy, our appetite is naturally affected and we cannot eat too much. At this time, if you drink sour plum vinegar, it may cover the taste response of the taste buds to the greasy feeling and become more refreshing, so you have the feeling of “degreasing”. However, avoid eating too much at this time to avoid consuming too much calories.

Drink plum vinegar to reduce fat? More practical diet control

Plum plum vinegar can alleviate the greasy feeling of the diet. Is it helpful to reduce dietary fat and promote fat metabolism? Xie Yiru said that plum vinegar may have an effect on inhibiting fat synthesis and promoting fat decomposition, but if the diet is not restrained, they still eat and drink, and want to quickly digest the accumulated fat in the body by plum vinegar alone.

Do not drink plum vinegar on an empty stomach Dilute it to reduce irritation

I remind you that although plum vinegar has many benefits, it is best not to drink it on an empty stomach, so as not to stimulate the secretion of too much stomach acid and hurt the stomach wall. It is recommended to drink between meals or after meals, it is not easy to stimulate the stomach and intestines, and it can also help digestion. Before drinking plum vinegar, remember to dilute it first to reduce the irritation to the throat and teeth.

Homemade natural plum vinegar Sweet and sour delicious and healthy

The following is the practice of plum vinegar provided by nutritionist Xie Yiru. Everyone can make homemade sweet and sour natural plum vinegar simply by doing it at home!

Materials: 600 grams of freshly cooked green plums, 600 ml of glutinous rice vinegar or sorghum vinegar, 600 grams of two-sand or rock sugar (sweetness can be adjusted), 1 wide-mouth glass bottle

Practices /

  1. Wash, air-dry, remove pedicles, and pick out those who are too soft, broken or bitten by insects.
  2. Prepare wide mouth glass bottles, wash and dry them.
  3. A layer of green plum and a layer of sugar are gradually stacked in a wide mouth glass bottle, and finally the glutinous rice vinegar is gently poured along the bottle wall, exceeding the content, and then the lid is placed in a cool place and waited 4 Completed in ~ 6 months or more.