The worse the mood, the more you want to eat?

Sometimes we feel depressed, sad or even depressed. The collapse of this kind of emotion may lead to emotional eating, which means that you tend to eat more food than the daily calorie needs. In modern fast-paced life, people often feel lonely and can’t find any comfort, except food and extremely unhealthy junk food. Now, researchers have found a connection between eating chocolate and frustration. It is said that chocolate contains a chemical component that enhances people’s mood. We also know that there are other foods that can also boost mood.

But what exactly is causing the brain to know that long-term consumption of junk food and high-fat foods may cause harm, but also like to eat these foods? According to Dr. Rupali Datta, a nutrition consultant, “People will comfort themselves by eating a lot of food and shifting their attention away from their own condition. Usually sugary and fatty foods will make them feel relieved. Hormones also have an important impact on emotional shifts and eating.”

So how does diet affect your mood? Diet is indeed an important part of mental health. According to Harvard Medical School’s Health Journal, the dietary structure consisting of high intakes of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, olive oil, low-fat dairy products and antioxidants, and low intake of animal products is significantly reduced. The risk of frustration. In other words, a diet consisting of foods such as red meat, fine grains, sweets, and high-fat dairy products increases the risk of frustration.

How does science explain this relationship? Studies have shown that eating too much sugary or high-fat foods is particularly addictive. According to a study published in the journal Nature Neuroscientists, eating such foods triggers the release of dopamine, a sensory neurotransmitter in the brain. Therefore, the more you eat this type of food, the more your brain is addicted to them, and you are eager to eat more. This will put your brain in a vicious circle. When you are sad, you tend to start eating more of this junk food and it will make you feel good.

You will tend to be more self-healing with food, which may help you change or avoid negative or uncomfortable feelings. But this will make you overeating and gaining weight. Another reason to like this type of food is that these foods also increase serotonin levels, and this brain chemical can also boost mood. This will also help you feel calmer and more relaxed.

So if you feel sad or depressed, make sure you don’t make a choice when you understand that these foods are harmful to you in many ways. Make sure someone is with you at this time, or someone can divert your attention away from the food. If you have emotional eating, don’t be shy, you can turn to a psychiatrist or an expert.