There are 3 bad habits when eating

A delicious meal can solve hunger and quickly recharge the body.

How fast is the pace of life now? For some people, eating often takes care of things. But you should n’t have these bad habits of diet ~~

3 bad habits to eat

People who do not eat breakfast

The plan of the day is in the morning, and breakfast does more than just fill your stomach. After a night of sleep, the body ’s energy and nutrition have been almost consumed. At this time, the blood sugar concentration will be low. If you do n’t eat breakfast, you will experience dizziness, palpitations, inattention, and dizziness in severe cases inverted.

In addition, the greater effect of breakfast is to promote the contraction of the gallbladder, allow bile to enter the intestine smoothly, and help the digestion of the stomach.

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In the case of normal breakfast, the gallbladder contracts and cholesterol is excreted with bile. If you do not eat breakfast for a long time, a large amount of cholesterol in the bile will precipitate and deposit, and eventually gallstones will form.

In order to be healthy, we must eat breakfast and drink water well, and maintain a regular diet to reduce disease.

It ’s too easy to eat lunch

After a busy morning, the energy and nutrition obtained from breakfast are continuously consumed and need to be replenished in time to provide energy for the afternoon time. Therefore, lunch plays a connecting role in three meals a day.

The noon break is short. In order not to affect the work or lunch break in the afternoon, many people like to eat something to deal with their stomachs, such as eating instant noodles, greasy fast food, spicy hot, burgers, fried chicken and other high-calorie food. As everyone knows, this can easily lead to elevated blood lipids, change of body shape, and long-term consumption will lead to malnutrition.

If you do not eat lunch for weight loss, the body will be hungry for a long time, which will lead to insufficient energy supply, the body will spontaneously develop the habit of storing calories and fat, which is not conducive to weight loss.

And after lunch, lying down immediately will only cause a large amount of blood to flow to the stomach, blood pressure will drop, brain supply and nutrition will drop significantly, and it will easily cause insufficient blood supply to the brain. This is not only detrimental to the quality of midday sleep, it will also increase stress on the body and cause harm to health.

Suggestion: Have lunch at 11: 00-13: 00, and you are full. You should walk or stand for ten minutes before going to bed before taking a lunch break.

Dinner is too late

You should stop eating 3 hours before going to bed. If you eat dinner after 20 o’clock, and the food in your stomach is not digested enough, go to bed. This can easily cause stomach sagging and acid reflux.

In addition, the high calcium excretion period of the human body is 4 to 5 hours after dinner. If you eat too late or sleep after eating supper, the urine in the body will stay in the urinary tract such as the bladder and urethra and cannot be discharged in time. Resulting in continuous increase in calcium in the urine, precipitation over the years, it is likely to increase the possibility of stones.

Don’t eat too much for dinner. The medicine king Sun Simiao once said, “Supper is full, and the life of a day is lost.” That is to say, eating a meal at night is to reduce the life of a day. Therefore, eating less for dinner is the way to health.

If you eat too full every night, digestive function will decrease over time, and gastrointestinal dysfunction will cause gastrointestinal diseases, gastritis, gastric ulcer, enteritis, constipation and other diseases.

Three principles of diet

There are so many delicious foods in the world, only principles cannot be forgotten!

Chew slowly

Chewing slowly while eating can promote gastric secretion and grind food more finely, which not only helps the body digest food, but also allows nutrients to be better absorbed by the intestine and reduces the burden on the stomach and intestines.

Chewing can also increase saliva, and digestive enzymes can help digestion and form a film that protects the stomach.

Principle Two: Diversity in Food and Drink

No one food can provide all the nutrients the human body needs, so a diversified diet can obtain more comprehensive and balanced nutrition, especially the diversification of fruits and vegetables, which is vital to health. But control your intake.

Principle three: please do not overeating

You can eat a cow when you have a good appetite, but you can’t eat a bite when you are bad. Are you like this

Overeating, energy intake is greater than energy expenditure, and will eventually be converted to fat, causing obesity. Then obesity also brings various diseases, such as fatty liver, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and so on.

And overeating can increase the burden on the intestine, which can cause intestinal inflammation and pancreatitis.

Just eat! From today on, every meal reminds me to be delicious!