There are several situations after quitting smoking, congratulations on your success soon, and finally grit your teeth.

Smoking is harmful to health and is believed to be something that many people know. But the pressure of life and work has increased. Many people’s original intention is to release their own pressure through smoking, but then it has become a habit to smoke, and there is no way to leave the smoke. With the gradual popularization of health awareness, many people began to join the ranks of smoking cessation.

What kinds of reactions will most people have after smoking? Is it normal?

Everyone knows that smoking can temporarily relieve people’s mental stress. Many people are holding this kind of intention to enter the smoking team. If you don’t smoke at once, the pressure on these people will not be well resolved, and some negative emotions will remain in the body. If you don’t smoke at once, you will naturally be lonely, and you will even have emotions such as anxiety and fear. I once wanted to smoke, I couldn’t control myself. When the above problems occur, it is normal. As long as you persist in temptation, I believe that you will be able to successfully quit smoking. In addition, sleep will be affected, and nightmares will be made from time to time. In short, life and work will be affected.

People who smoke for a long time will basically cough at night, which is mostly a normal performance of the body. When you quit smoking, you may still cough as usual, but basically the number and frequency of coughing will be similar to before, but many people will not understand why they quit smoking and still cough? In fact, the body is gradually adapting to this non-smoking process. After a week, this situation of the body will improve a lot. Therefore, when you have a cough in the process of quitting smoking, you must not give yourself too much pressure. In fact, they are all normal. If you insist on it for a while, I believe it will improve a lot.

People who love to smoke should have this feeling. When they are tired, they will feel a different feeling when they smoke a cigarette. They will suddenly become very spiritual, so many people will After work, smoke a cigarette to relieve your inner fatigue. When you suddenly do not smoke, your body will not adapt, and you will often suffer from general malaise and lethargy. When people are smoking, the brain will be affected, which will lead to memory loss, etc. Long-term smoking will cause great harm to the body. Therefore, after a sudden cessation of smoking, there will be problems such as dizziness and fatigue. Fortunately, such problems generally do not last long, and naturally disappear after a while.

In fact, the above is still a matter that smokers can accept. Many people can’t accept the slight shaking of their hands after quitting smoking. They even shake when they eat. This kind of meal is also affected by eating a meal. When many people have the above problems, they will be very nervous. They think that some problems have appeared in the body, which is actually the normal reaction of most people. Although it will last for several weeks, in fact, on the other hand, the body is giving itself the biggest challenge, so we will only succeed in quitting smoking if we break through the above difficulties.

Many people will be bored after quitting smoking. They will often be in a daze. In fact, there is no performance. In fact, you can try other hobbies at this time. Older people can try to play Tai Chi. Young people can try climbing and sports. It is a good exercise for exercising.

Quitting smoking is actually a matter of perseverance. When the above situation occurs during the process of quitting smoking, it implies that you are likely to quit smoking successfully. You need to hold on and put all the above discomfort into the past. I believe you will have some breakthrough.