These 3 plants sprout are delicious

People in the countryside know that many foods cannot be eaten after they have sprouted. Because some plants produce substances that are harmful to the human body after they germinate, they often throw away these germinated plants when they encounter such a situation. Of course, there are several kinds of plants that are non-toxic after germination. Even these germinated plants are delicious and their nutritional value is not low. Here are 3 kinds for you. How many have you eaten?

Sprouted garlic

Garlic is an indispensable condiment in our lives. Many people like to eat a few more garlic when eating noodles. It can be said that it is also a kind of high nutritional condiment. Many people know that after garlic sprouts, Edible. And the garlic sprouts have high nutritional value. The germinated garlic will have higher antioxidant content, and it can even play an anti-cancer and anti-cancer role. There are also families that specialize in collecting garlic germination. It can be seen that its nutritional value is relatively high, and some are not used to eating garlic People will come to eat garlic sprouts, and the nutrition contained in them is not low.

Sprouted soy beans

I believe many people have eaten bean sprouts, but the sprout of soybeans is not the same as soybean sprouts. Many farmers know that soybean sprouts are usually long, but soybean sprouts are different. In general, they can be eaten when they grow up to a certain length. After soybeans sprout, it can break down substances that can block absorption. To put it simply, people who eat germinated soybeans will be more conducive to nutrient absorption, and soybeans germinate are very delicious. Many people will fry them with other soy products. It can be said that they are crisp and delicious and welcomed by everyone.

  1. Peanut Sprouts

Peanut is a kind of food with higher nutritional value, and it has more uses. Many people know that peanuts that are moldy are inedible, but sprouted are edible. Peanuts have a good anti-cancer effect after germination, and they also have the function of lowering blood lipids and blood vessels, so many people will eat peanut buds, and some farmers will specialize in making some peanut buds. Not only does the peanut bud taste good , And the price is not low.

Of course, after many foods sprout, they may not be eaten again. For example, sweet potatoes are one of them. It is a kind of food that people like very much. Whether it is steamed or grilled, it tastes good, but After the sweet potato germinates, you must first observe whether it has mildew. If it does not change, do not eat it again. This will be bad for your health.