These foods should not be heated in a microwave oven, beware of carcinogens!

Almost everyone has a microwave at home, because it is convenient to use it to heat food. However, some foods are not suitable for microwave heating, such as boiled eggs, breast milk, green leafy vegetables and processed meats, because they may produce toxins due to microwave heating, causing certain health diseases that affect your life.

Which foods cannot be heated in a microwave oven?

1, do not microwave boiled eggs

Whether it is shell or not, microwave boiled eggs will accumulate a lot of water, causing the microwave oven to explode like an autoclave. Even more frightening is that the egg may not explode when heated in a microwave oven, but it will explode on your hand after it is taken out.

2, do not microwave heating breast milk

Many mothers will freeze their breastmilk, but do not use the microwave when heating. Because microwaves do not heat the breast milk evenly, it may cause burns to the baby and damage the nutrients of breast milk.

3, do not microwave processed meat

Processed meat contains chemicals and preservatives that extend shelf life, which can affect your health. The processed meat is heated by microwaves to form cholesterol oxidation products, which lead to coronary heart disease.

4, do not microwave chicken

All poultry, including chicken, contain some Salmonella infections. Therefore they need to be thoroughly cooked to eliminate bacteria. Bacteria may survive because the microwave oven does not heat evenly.

6, do not microwave green leafy vegetables

No matter how much you want to leave the rest of the green leafy vegetables, you should not microwave them. Because the highly concentrated nitrates are reheated and converted to toxins, they become carcinogenic nitrosamines.

Second, how to eat healthy food?

1, one-time finish

No matter what food, it is best to eat it once, do not eat it separately. Because reheating may produce toxins that affect your health. Try to prepare the right amount of food so that you can finish it at one time.

2, healthy cooking methods

When cooking food, it is best to cook in a healthy way, like steaming and boiling. Try to avoid frying, because high temperatures can produce toxins and can also cause you to consume too much oil and heat.

3, avoid putting too much seasonings

The healthiest way to eat food is to eat its original flavor. Although seasonings can help improve the taste of food, it can also increase the burden on the body and cause health problems.