These fruits are heated and eaten, and the nutrition doubles!

We often say that eating more fruits and eating more vegetables is good for your health, but in the cold winter, the food is a little cold and tasteless, let alone cold and sour fruit. So, can winter fruit be heated and eaten? In fact, the following fruits are heated and eaten, both nutritious and delicious. These fruits are heated and eaten, and the nutrition doubles!

1, Sydney

Sydney has all the year rounds, it has the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving cough, and quenching thirst. However, due to the cold nature, eating in winter may make you feel colder. Cooked and eaten Sydney, not only can reduce its coldness, but also can completely release its lung function, so that its efficacy is enhanced. The popular “Snow Candy Stewed Sydney” is a very good winter dessert.

2, Apple

The pectin contained in the apple is highly toxic. If the apple is heated, the pectin will become more stable, help to promote the gastrointestinal motility, have the effect of dehumidifying and diarrhea, and moistening the lungs, and the soup made with apples. The taste is very sweet and delicious, it is a very good home food.

3, grapefruit skin

Although the grapefruit skin can not be eaten directly, after cooking, the taste is “hard to come” and the function is very powerful. The grapefruit skin contains flavonoids such as naringin and rutin, which have antioxidant, anti-aging and weight loss effects. Before cooking, cut the grapefruit skin into thin slices, then add in water to cook. When it is almost cooked, remove the grapefruit skin and add honey to drink.

4, oranges

When we cough and catch a cold, the older generation usually hand us the steamed “salted steamed orange”. In fact, this is correct. The orange peel and orange peel oil contain phlegm and cough, and can be released after experiencing high temperature. Before cooking, use a knife to cut a knife on top of the orange, then poke a few holes in the orange with chopsticks, sprinkle salt on the flesh, and finally put the whole orange on the plate for cooking. After cooking, eat the meat and drink the plate. Orange juice on.