These three fresh vegetables candies are not to be missed

In the spring, there are many fresh vegetables and vegetables with a lot of vitamin and cellulose content. Everyday vegetables of Tangyou are indispensable. Especially these three Tangyou must not be missed.

Bitter gourd

The bitter gourd is cold and tastes bitter. It can remove evil heat, relieve fatigue, and keep your eyes open. Bitter melon clears heat and detoxifies, removes annoyance and quenches thirst, and is known as “plant insulin”. In addition, pharmacological tests found that the balsam pear saponin contained in balsam pear has not only an insulin-like effect, but also stimulates the release of insulin, and has a very obvious hypoglycemic effect.


Glycogen can produce a large number of free genes in its blood, and it is these free genes that destroy the insulin activity in the body.

Carrots contain a large amount of beta carotene, which can remove free radicals in the body. Therefore, eating more carrots and other carotene-rich vegetables in your daily diet can greatly help prevent diabetes.


Onion has a mild and flat taste and has a blood sugar-lowering effect. It is found that onion is the only vegetable that contains prostaglandin A. Eating more food is beneficial to dilate blood vessels, prevent arteriosclerosis, and is beneficial to the prevention of diabetes complications.

Onion can also reduce blood lipids, reduce blood viscosity, improve atherosclerosis, and regular consumption can prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications in diabetes.