“Time” Top Ten Trends in Dietary Consumption

1, Localization of imported goods.

Native American products have replaced the status of imported products, and many high-quality products, such as olive oil and ham, are produced locally.

Comments: Chinese people often superstitious foreign products, in fact, local agricultural products, because there is no need to travel across the ocean, the product quality will be better. In particular, the Xinjiang region of northwest China has a dry climate and sufficient sunshine, and its agricultural products are of superior quality.

2, cooking methods are closely related to the economy.

The collusion between fast-food merchants, agribusinesses and food tycoons seems to indicate that anti-traditional culinary culture is taking shape.

Comments: Cooking at home may be an enviable luxury lifestyle. Wealthy families ask the “family nutrition chef” to arrange three meals. The family with tastes is cooked by the male and female owners of SOHO, and the big business or state agency asks the nutritionist to design the nutritious meal of the canteen. And those office workers or migrant workers who are struggling to survive are reluctantly caught in fast-food foods with low nutritional quality, and are most prone to malnutrition and obesity.

3, new vegetarians.

The new generation of American chefs have introduced a variety of delicious vegetarian meals, and the vegetarian diet with salads is outdated.

Comments: Compared with animal foods, plant foods have more varieties and different flavors. As long as the cooking skills are superb, vegetarian food can be enjoyed with gusto. What’s more, most Western vegetarians are egg whites, and dairy and eggs provide enough vitamin B12, which also brings deliciousness.

4, old-fashioned wine is popular.

Old-fashioned wines such as Philippe brandy and gin began to appear in the most exclusive bars.

Comments: Although most European and American men and women like to drink two, but in addition to beer, mostly small mouth slow, rarely like the Chinese people booze. Instead of fighting like a bull, focusing on who drinks and drinks, it is better to taste the aroma and taste of the wine, this is the exquisite enjoyment of drinking.

5, “Gourmet food” rises.

The United States began to appear in the “Gourmet Food” class. Their dinners are full of red tape and high talk, and red wine is also carefully matched.

Comments: Most people in China have a good meal, but most people are not interested in dining etiquette and frequently changing high-end tableware. They are all thinking about the shark fin abalone used to support the face, which is extremely wasteful when they leave. . Instead of this, it is better to learn these American foodies and mix them with more.

6, looking for ingredients.

Fresh ingredients, such as wild vegetables and mushrooms that have not been eaten, have begun to gain popularity.

Comments: People are tired of eating everyday foods, and are more keen on rare ingredients – it seems that no country can be excused. However, everyday food is the result of thousands of trials by the ancients. Their taste and safety are much more reliable than wild mushroom.

7, homemade vinegar and wine.

American avant-garde bartenders have used home brewed bitter wine as a source of high-end drinks, and chefs have also presented their own or acid or bitter vinegar directly to customers.

Comment: Indeed, in history, vinegar has evolved from the brewed wine. This kind of retro-style vinegar drink, even if the taste is a bit strange, at least it is a real thing, than the slogan of beauty and beauty to fool consumers, high in sugar, rich in flavor, but only contains a few percent fruit vinegar “Fruit vinegar drink” is much stronger.

8, a secondary deli.

Many restaurants are now keen on self-produced cooked foods such as bacon, sausage, and chicken sauce.

Comments: There are also many restaurants in China that use homemade cooked food as a selling point. However, its security needs more attention. Besides, homemade sausages have no more fat and cholesterol than commercially available products. Therefore, no matter how the store flickers, remember, don’t eat too much.

9, while eating and texting.

Mobile phones occupy more space in life, and more and more people send text messages while eating.

Comments: In the past, family, friends, and colleagues can chat and communicate with each other to enhance their feelings; now, when watching each mobile phone and pad, the language has become redundant. Or listen to the advice of health experts, while eating and burying your head with a mobile phone, it is not conducive to digestion and absorption, but also not conducive to control the amount of food.

10, the local products are re-popular.

Some ancestral cooking techniques and unheard of souvenirs are on the rise. More restaurants are discovering new traditions and gimmicks.

Comments: No matter how you find out, it is ultimately a gimmick, because the table is still a high-fat, high-protein food singer, the oil and salt are severely overdose.