Tomato juice is so effective to relieve fatigue

In previous studies, researchers found that tomatoes contain antioxidants such as lycopene and nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and organic acids, which can reduce fatigue. In order to clarify the specific role of tomato juice in anti-fatigue, a well-known Japanese food company, Kumamei and Suzuka Medical University, set up a joint research group to investigate the effects of tomato juice on blood biomarkers and effective intake time.

In the experiment, the researchers allowed one group of rats to drink tomato juice 1 hour before exercise, the other group of rats to drink tomato juice after running for 1 hour on the device, and a group of experimental rats to drink tomato juice after 30 minutes of exercise. After an hour of rest, continue running for another 30 minutes.

Six hours after the exercise, the researchers examined the concentration of the fatigue biomarker cytokine “TGF-b” in the blood of the rats, and found that the rats that drank the tomato juice before exercise and during exercise were compared with the experimental rats drinking water. One indicator was reduced by 50% to 60%, and the experimental rats who drank tomato juice after exercise showed little change.

The research team believes that this indicates that tomato juice has anti-fatigue effects, but it does not eliminate fatigue. The team believes that water-soluble ingredients in tomatoes such as amino acids and citric acid have a fatigue-relieving effect.