US research says: fast food hurts kidney disease

When it comes to Western-style fast food, people immediately think of fried food such as fried chicken and French fries. Studies have shown that such foods are the chief culprit in causing obesity. The latest research also shows that eating fried foods not only does not adversely affect the waist circumference, raises cholesterol levels, but also damages the liver. Eating fried food for one month, the damage to the liver is similar to hepatitis.

Research: Eat fried food for one month

Pit liver like hepatitis

The Doctors broadcast by CBS is the most popular professional medical TV show in the United States. The “Doctor” broadcast on the 16th reported that the study of eating fried foods for a month can cause significant changes in the liver, and the changes in enzymes in the human body are similar to hepatitis.

Cooking food with oil produces free radicals that are extremely chemically active, destroying essential fatty acids in food, destroying nutrients that protect the body, such as vitamins A and E, and increasing levels of transaminase in the blood.

Transaminase is an indispensable “catalyst” in the body’s metabolic process and is mainly found in hepatocytes. When hepatocytes develop inflammation, necrosis, poisoning, etc., causing damage to liver cells, transaminase is released into the blood, causing serum transaminase to rise. 1% of hepatocyte damage can double the concentration of alanine aminotransferase (ALT) in the blood.

Call: Stay away from fast food

Even salads are often added with chemicals.

There are about 160,000 fast food restaurants in the United States that provide fast food to 50 million consumers every day. Previous studies have shown that high-sugar, high-oil junk foods can cause changes in the brain, speeding up brain aging and addiction. Drew Oden, a well-known surgeon in the United States, said on the show: “We are sinners… The problem is that quite a lot of people are still eating fast food, especially children, who regard fast food as the main food.”

He reminded consumers that eating at a fast food restaurant, even the so-called “healthy choice” of salad, is often added with a variety of chemicals, and there is no clear regulation in the United States.