Walnut fried brown sugar adjustable stomach cure stomach

Ms. Kaifeng Lu of Henan provided: My wife has chronic gastritis, old stomach pain, and the effect of eating a lot of medicine is not obvious. Later, a friend introduced a recipe to fry brown sugar with walnuts. The wife has been eating for a while, and the stomach has improved. The specific method is: take 7 walnuts, peeled and chopped, put in the iron pot, stir fry until light yellow with a small fire, add about 750 grams of brown sugar, and then fry a few times, then the pan, divided into 12 parts. Eat an empty stomach every morning, eat and drink after half an hour. Eating for 12 consecutive days will generally improve.

Chen Yuqian, director of the Department of Spleen and Stomach Diseases of Nanjing Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, commented: From the perspective of Chinese medicine, walnuts and brown sugar are both foods with mild taste, and walnuts have the effect of strengthening the stomach. Brown sugar has the effect of warming and dispelling cold. This prescription is more suitable for patients with chronic gastritis whose TCM syndrome is yang deficiency type, but it is not suitable for chronic gastritis caused by yin deficiency, damp heat and other reasons. Stomach patients with phlegm and cough, yin deficiency and phlegm, and diarrhea should not use this side, so they must be authenticated by Chinese medicine practitioners before use.

Need to be reminded that symptoms similar to chronic gastritis can also be seen in other digestive diseases, including gastric cancer, liver cancer or pancreatic cancer. Therefore, before using the remedies, it is best to go to the hospital for detailed examination to confirm the cause.