Want to get better and better liver

If you remember the following three sentences and try to implement them, it will help us repair liver cells and make the liver better and better.

First, do not drink before bedtime:

We know that alcohol can cause greater damage to the liver, because the metabolism of alcohol is mainly done by the liver. Excessive drinking before bedtime will increase the burden on the liver, prevent the liver from resting, and reduce the efficiency of detoxification. This will increase the risk of liver disease, especially alcoholic liver disease, so patients with liver disease should not drink alcohol before bedtime.

Don’t be unhappy before going to bed:

Sullen and negative emotions can also have some negative effects on your health, because it can make your body qi and blood retrograde. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, people who always maintain negative emotions and depression will stagnate your liver qi, run counter to your liver qi, and are not good for your health.

Third, drink a glass of water before bed:

It is good for the liver to develop a good habit of drinking a cup of warm water before going to bed, because drinking more water will dilute the concentration of toxins and reduce damage to the liver. Drinking a cup of warm water before going to bed is not only good for the liver, but also good for kidney detoxification and good for your health.