Want to lose weight is to eat fresh fruit or dried fruit?

Many office workers don’t have much time to eat fruit every day, but in order to lose weight healthily, they must eat fruit every day. Every day, taking fruit to the company is too heavy, what should I do? Some people will consider taking the dried fruit, the dried fruit is indeed easier to carry than the fresh fruit, and it seems to smell a more fragrant smell.

Is it actually more nutritious for fresh fruit? Are the girls who want to lose weight eat fresh fruit? Is it better to eat dried fruit? There was a nutrition article in Japan that pointed out that it is still important to look at the way to eat fresh fruit or good fruit. But no matter what kind of eating method, as long as you eat more, it will cause too much energy intake, which is not only bad for weight loss, but also may cause obesity.

It is well known that fresh fruit is full of water and contains more vitamins.

Fresh fruit and dried fruit have their own advantages. Fresh fruit is rich in enzymes, and fresh fruit in the morning has a purifying effect on the body. Fresh fruit is rich in vitamin C, which is not comparable to dried fruit. Let’s take a mango to verify it. The fresh small mango contains about 40 mg of vitamin C, but the mango dry with the same quality probably contains only 21 mg of vitamin C. See, the difference is twice!

Fruits with more water content are more conducive to the discharge of waste in the body. For girls who want to lose weight, detoxification is an essential part. And the fruit with more water content is more likely to have a feeling of fullness. This satiety time can be maintained for a long time, so that the girl who wants to lose weight can avoid eating more food, which is very beneficial for weight loss.

Fresh fruit has many benefits, but it is not without its shortcomings. If you take a fruit with a lot of water, the temperature inside the body will drop, so the drop in body temperature is not conducive to the burning of fat, and may also have a negative effect on weight loss.

Dried fruit is lighter, easier to carry, and dietary fiber can be preserved

The biggest advantage of dried fruit compared with fresh fruit is that it is easy to carry. Above, we talked about the fact that the fruit with more water will cause the body temperature to drop. On the contrary, the excess water in the process of processing the fruit is removed, and the shrinkage is compared. Hard ingredients, so that it will not cause a drop in body temperature. Because the food is harder, it will increase the number of chewing. The frequency of chewing is more likely to cause satiety. Therefore, the dried fruit is also good for weight loss. Even if the fruit is processed into dried fruit, it can retain more dietary fiber. Vitamins and minerals are not so easy to lose. It is really a good ingredient for weight loss and beauty!

Fruit dried fruit is more sweet than fresh fruit. If it is a person who likes to eat sweets, it will be more satisfying. However, it should be noted that the dried fruit will add more white sugar and other ingredients in the process of processing. As a result, the content of dried fruit is very high. If you eat too much, it will cause weight loss and no effect. There is also the danger of rising. Therefore, when purchasing, you need to look specifically at the ingredients used in the ingredient form.

Xiaobian tips:

If you want to add more vitamin C, choose fresh fruit. If you don’t like cold food, choose dried fruit with less water. If you want to maintain a long-term feeling of fullness, choose fresh fruit! If you want to go out or take out some casual occasions, bring fruit dried fruit, which is more convenient to carry. The girl who wants to lose weight makes smart choices based on the above content and her own needs!