What are the benefits and functions of watermelon peel?

Watermelon is one of the most common fruits on the spot, but for watermelon peels, in most cases, you choose to throw them away because you don’t understand the efficacy and role of watermelon peels. Today I will take a look at the effectiveness and role of watermelon peel with a full analysis, let you know that watermelon peel is also a treasure.

The benefits of watermelon peel are absolutely no less than that of watermelon. Tossing the watermelon peel every time you eat the watermelon actually wastes a lot of nutrients. What magical effect does the watermelon peel have? Let’s take a look together!

1, antipyretic, thirst quenching, constipation, dry cough

Summer heat can cause depression, thirst, urination shortage, and constipation. Take a dose of soup cooked with watermelon rind, jellyfish, and fresh lotus leaves every day to drink. Curative effect.

2, Spleen Relief

In the hot summer, people’s spleen and stomach are relatively poor, and it is easy to cause summer heat. The whole person’s mental state is relatively listless. Take an appropriate amount of fresh watermelon rind, add an appropriate amount of jujube, and make a decoction together, which can be used as tea every day, which has a good effect on strengthening the spleen and stomach, and can relieve heat.

3, Beauty

Watermelon peel also has a whitening effect. Apply a watermelon peel on your face, and then wash it off with water. The skin will become fine and white every day if you stick to it. If the skin has just been tanned, you can use iced watermelon peel to apply your face, the effect is even more obvious!

4, relieve toothache

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that watermelon peel can treat symptoms such as heat and thirst. After the watermelon peel is dried, add a little borneol and rub it on the toothache to relieve the pain. Treatment of oral ulcers: If you have a long mouth or an oral ulcer, you can grind the watermelon rind and include it in your mouth. It can cure sores on the tongue. This is how watermelon cream comes. You can also boil watermelon rind with mung beans and drink soup as a good drink to prevent getting angry.

5,Treatment of constipation

Watermelon has a laxative effect. When a child is constipated, the crust on the watermelon can be used as juice to drink. The laxative effect is very good. Children who have been constipated for too long can also consider adding some honey. However, children with yang deficiency and qi and blood deficiency should be used with caution, because laxative effect is too good, which may cause diarrhea.

6,Treat cough and sore throat

Watermelon is the best product for summer heat and thirst quenching. Watermelon peel also has the effect of clearing heat and relieving heat, which can relieve pain in the mouth and mouth. The watermelon cream on the market is formulated with watermelon peel as the main medicine.

The above is the efficacy and role of watermelon peel collected by Xiaobian for everyone! I hope everyone can make watermelon peels play a role while eating watermelon this summer!