What are the benefits of eating onions every day?

I always think that onions have a special rushing taste. I can’t accept them, especially cutting onions. For Dr. Wang, who loves to cook, he has a bitter tear. In fact, I don’t really like to eat onions until now, especially the onions that are not very cooked. When I grow up, I have discovered many benefits of onions. Gradually I like to eat. The more mature I feel, the better I feel.

It is said that onion is the only plant containing prostaglandin A. It is a natural blood thinner. Prostaglandin A can dilate blood vessels. In theory, it can lower blood pressure, reduce peripheral blood vessels and increase blood flow of coronary arteries, and prevent thrombosis. However, the role of prostaglandin A is not the role of onions, because the content of an onion prostaglandin A is very small, we can not rely on onions to find what we call health.

Healthy eating is actually a balanced, fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, seafood, etc. Every day, people ask themselves what diseases can not eat, I have never asked patients to eat, must have a balanced diet, every day The various nutrients you need don’t mean that you don’t have to eat meat and blood vessels, you don’t have to eat meat. You don’t want to eat meat, you don’t want to say that eating the onions every day is too peaceful.

In a healthy life, the diet is only a part of it. The people eat food for the day, but there is a lot of other attention besides eating. For example, more exercise, 2-3 times a week for more than half an hour of aerobic exercise; quit smoking and alcohol, to maintain a comfortable mood, pay attention to sleep, to avoid excessive life and mental stress. These are not what the onions can do. Actually, I don’t know because I have done a doctor job. Now I still prefer to eat onions. Whether it is green pepper fried onions or pork onions, the taste is good.

Therefore, it is recommended to eat a variety of fresh seasonal vegetables including onions, balanced diet, appropriate activities, the purpose is to eat healthy, for health! A healthy and reasonable lifestyle can reduce the incidence of various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The new guidelines still emphasize a low-salt diet, reduce alcohol consumption and quit smoking, and the daily salt intake should be <5 grams. Should reduce the intake of sugary drinks, it is recommended to eat more vegetables, fresh fruits, fish, nuts, etc., in addition to control weight, regular aerobic exercise.

Of course, if you like onions, you can continue to eat onions! You can eat onions every day, no harm, activities to benefit, but don’t give food, give too much energy!