What are the nutritional values of dragon fruit?

What are the nutritional values ​​of dragon fruit? Dragon fruit is liked by many people. So how much do you know about dragon fruit? Today, Xiaobian introduces the nutritional value of dragon fruit, let’s take a look!

What are the nutritional values ​​of dragon fruit?

Modern research shows that dragon fruit contains elements that promote human health, beauty, disease prevention and bodybuilding. It is the first choice for modern people’s health. Dragon fruit can be broken into juice to drink. If it is frozen, it is excellent in flavor.

1 Dragon fruit contains a high content of anthocyanins, an antioxidant with anti-oxidation, anti-free radical and anti-aging effects, which can inhibit the variation of human brain and have certain preventive effects on dementia.

2 eat dragon fruit, have a certain protective effect on the stomach, because dragon fruit contains plant albumin which is rare in other plants, it will automatically combine with the heavy metal ions in the human body, excreted from the body, can play a detoxification effect, Moreover, this type of albumin has a certain protective effect on the stomach wall.

3 Dragon fruit is rich in vitamin C, which has the effect of whitening, because vitamin C can eliminate oxygen free radicals and make people’s skin bright and white.

4 dragon fruit is rich in dietary fiber, used in weight loss, lowering cholesterol, moisturizing, etc., the effect is good.

5 Dragon fruit has a very rich iron content, and female friends eat more, even if it is supplemented with some of the iron that is lost every month.

6 cut the dragon fruit, see the small particles of sesame seeds, these small particles of pulp can promote the digestion of the gastrointestinal, people who are often constipated, eat dragon fruit can treat constipation.

7 The fruit of the dragon fruit is sweet and delicious, and it can also be used for making wine and making canned food.