What effect does mulberry have?

Mulberry can not only eat fresh food, but also can be used as medicine. Mulberry has the effects of replenishing and quenching thirst, nourishing blood, nourishing yin, and moistening intestines. Rich in protein, a variety of essential amino acids, calcium, iron, zinc and other mineral elements. What are the effects and taboos of eating mulberry? Let ’s follow along with the editor to learn more about the efficacy and role of mulberry seeds.

One of the functions and effects of mulberry fruit is anti-cancer and anti-cancer. The anthocyanins, rutin, glucose, calcium, fructose, inorganic salts, carotene, nicotinic acid, and multivitamins contained in mulberry fruit have the effect of preventing the spread of tumor cells and the emergence of cancer. Mulberry seed has cold shengjin and rock sugar has no hydration, so eating rock sugar with mulberry together has a good effect on the dry stool caused by insufficient bowel fluid.

的 People with cardiovascular disease should not miss this season. You can eat more mulberries, because the fatty acids in them can prevent vascular sclerosis, and tannic acid, malic acid and other nutrients are also good for blood vessel health. In addition, regular consumption of mulberry can promote gastric secretion, stimulate bowel movements, and help improve sleep quality. Therefore, people with indigestion and insomnia can eat more. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, mulberry tastes like glycine, cold, and enters the lungs, liver, kidneys, and large intestine meridians. Therefore, white-collar workers who overuse eyes can also eat more mulberries.

Although mulberries are delicious, what are the taboos you should pay attention to when eating mulberries? Let’s take a look together!

  1. Because mulberry is cold, try not to eat it with bitter gourd, sauerkraut, scallion white, scallion, water chestnut, and lily, otherwise it will be too cold.
  2. Don’t use iron when boiling mulberries, because mulberries can decompose acidic substances and cause chemical reactions with iron, which can lead to poisoning. In severe cases, they can die.
  3. Mulberry contains hemolytic allergens and hyaluronic acid. Hemolytic enteritis is prone to occur after excessive consumption.
  4. Children should not eat more mulberries. Because mulberry contains more trypsin (a kind of protease) inhibitor-tannic acid, it will affect the body’s absorption of iron, calcium, zinc and other substances.
  5. Those with spleen deficiency will not eat mulberry.

Mulberry seed contains a large amount of water, multiple vitamins, carbohydrates, carotene and essential trace elements in the human body, which can effectively expand the blood volume in our body, and is nourishing and not greasy. It is very suitable for women with diseases , Consumption for patients with hypertension. The efficacy and role of mulberry seeds should be mastered and applied to life.