What is good for gum bleeding?

What is good for gum bleeding?

  1. 15 grams of medlar, fried coke powder, 30 grams of clam shell powder, mix thoroughly, each time 3 grams, 3 times a day, warm boiled water, and even served a few doses.
  2. 2 pears, 250 grams of fresh oysters, 125 grams of raw oysters, 15 grams of raw land, appropriate amount of sugar, common decoction, 1 dose per day, and even served 4-5 doses.

Females are particularly prone to bleeding during pregnancy due to elevated estrogen levels in the body. The following two prescriptions are especially suitable for them:

  1. Tangerine chicken. 4 oranges, 100 grams of chicken breast, egg white, salt, monosodium glutamate, starch, water starch, cooking wine and celery leaves, white radish silk amount. Wash the oranges first, cut them in half with a knife, and put them in a dish. After peeling the oranges, cut the oranges into small pieces. After washing the chicken, cut the small pieces and put them in a bowl. Use salt, MSG. , egg white, cooking wine, starch soaked; put the salt, cooking wine, water starch into the bowl, and dip into the dilute juice; put the pot on the fire, pour the salad oil, burn until the heat of the three or four into the chicken grain slip Remove the oil from the pan; pour the chicken, orange, and dilute juice into the pan, push the pan and pour it into the orange section of the plate that has been cut into two halves, embellished with white radish and celery leaves. Serve. This side is rich in vitamin C, B1, B2 and carotene, niacin, cellulose and iron, zinc, calcium and other trace elements, which can prevent gingivitis and have a brain-healing effect on the fetus.
  2. Mix the red pepper with scallions. 2 red peppers, 1 white lotus root, white sugar, ginger, sesame oil, balsamic vinegar and salt. Wash lotus roots, red peppers and ginger first (the last time the water should be warm water), peel the lotus root into thin slices, do not spread it, put it directly into a container, put the salt and add cold water about 300 Soak in milliliters to softness, remove and put in the tray; red pepper to seed, stalk, shred, and put into the lotus root plate; ginger cut the filament, sprinkle white sugar, balsamic vinegar and ginger together on the bracts and red pepper On the top, marinate for a while, topped with sesame oil and mix well. The sweet and sour taste is light and refreshing. The red pepper is rich in vitamin C. The lotus root is rich in tannins. It has the effect of contracting and stopping bleeding. It has the thirst for pregnant women, clearing heat and removing troubles, nourishing the stomach and eliminating food, and nourishing the heart. The power of blood.

How to prevent bleeding gums?

There are many reasons for bleeding gums, but if we do effective prevention, we will get twice the result with half the effort. How to prevent and treat bleeding gums, give you a few suggestions:

1, if it is due to poor oral hygiene, a large amount of tartar, calculus caused by stimulating bleeding (this is the most common), you can go to the dentistry to ask the doctor to clean the teeth, remove tartar, tartar (commonly known as washing teeth, medically known as Jiezhi, Scaling), and oral antibiotics for 1 week, gum inflammation will be quickly eliminated, and bleeding will stop. (Generally speaking, there is no bleeding of the gums, and it should be washed 1-2 times a year to a year.)

2, If the gum is bleeding due to the residual root or residual crown, remove the residual crown and residual root, and then insert the denture; if it is caused by bad braces or bad prosthesis, the braces should be remade or refilled.

3, Women should pay attention to maintain oral hygiene during menstruation and pregnancy, usually after menstruation and pregnancy, gum bleeding can be significantly reduced.

4, Use a new type of health care toothbrush to avoid brushing the teeth horizontally. Use a vertical brush method to prevent bleeding from irritating the gums.

5, in case of unexplained large-scale spontaneous gum bleeding, should go to the hospital as soon as possible to determine whether there is a blood system disease. Especially the hidden blood disease. Be highly aware of the reasons and find out the reasons in a timely manner.