What is the performance of people with high uric acid when they sleep at night? Quick check

In addition to paying attention to eating, modern people need to pay more attention to their quality of sleep. People who are in poor health will have some performance when they sleep. These performances are also reminding everyone to pay attention to the maintenance of the body in time. For example, people with excessive uric acid in their body may have different places from other people when they sleep at night. Let’s check if you have them.

There are many times to go to the toilet at night.

When you sleep, getting out of the bathroom is a very troublesome thing, especially in the cold weather. Once a person enters the bed, he is basically unwilling to come out again. However, if there is always a feeling of not going to the toilet, people will feel very uncomfortable.

Some people must go to the toilet before going to bed at night. Although they don’t discharge much urine, if they don’t go, the whole person feels uncomfortable and feels sleepless. Maybe you will think that this is a psychological effect, but have you ever thought that the body’s uric acid is reminding everyone that you need to measure it quickly, and if it exceeds the standard for too long, it may affect your health.

Low back pain, can’t sleep

When this happens, few people will be connected to health, and may think that they are too tired during the day. Or because it takes too long to sit, the pressure on the waist is too great, so I will always feel low back pain at night. Have you ever thought that the kidney is not good, and this problem may be a sign of excessive uric acid.

Toe faint pain

Although the human feet are already at the very end of the limb, if the body is abnormal, then the change in the foot may be the fastest. Toe headache is not a trivial matter. If you are hurt by a slap, it is justifiable. If there is such a situation for no reason, then you need to observe your health. Is it that the food of sorghum has been eaten recently, for example, eating food such as seafood and broth.

The body becomes edema

There is a difference between edema and fat. When the body is edema, there will be a noticeable tension. The skin has a feeling of bloating, and getting fat is completely two feelings. At night, when the body is resting, it is also the time when the body’s uric acid is easy to precipitate. The water can not be excreted in time. If it accumulates in the body, it will actually cause swelling of the legs and feet, and the eyes and face will be swollen.

How should we control it in peacetime?

First of all, we must control the intake of sorghum food. Do not eat more food such as seafood, animal offal and fat meat and broth. There is also the number of times to eat hot pot, although the hot pot is delicious and convenient, but often eaten is very bad for your health. In addition, drinks such as beer should be quit, not to drink more, otherwise it is even worse for the body.

The second is to eat more vegetables, milk and fruits and other foods. It is not because the nutritional value of these foods is relatively high, mainly because they can promote the ecological balance of the human body. It is recommended that you eat more yam, monkey head mushrooms, black sesame seeds, medlar and pumpkin seeds, and improve your physique.

The most important thing is to drink plenty of water, urinate more, and speed up the body’s metabolism. In addition, physical exercise can be strengthened. When exercising, metabolism will be accelerated and sweating will be more. The metabolic waste in the body will also be excreted with sweat. People will naturally become more and more healthy.