What is the shelf life of plain water?

Water is a very common substance in our daily lives. But perhaps because of this, most people do not understand how to drink water, what water to drink, and when to drink water, which directly affects our health. For example, many families will be affected by some health programs. They will boil some boiled water the night before, leave it overnight, and save a drink the next morning to replenish water and detox. Is this a healthy lifestyle?

The shelf life of boiling water is only 16 hours

Everyone knows that food has a shelf life, but what about water? A very popular saying is “the shelf life of boiling water is only 16 hours”. Because there is no protein or sugar in the water, it will not be damaged and broken down by microorganisms like other foods at room temperature. However, do many people often have a little water in their cups, and then just rinse the cup and use it next time? If you take an electron microscope sample from the remaining water cup overnight, you can see that there is a lot of E. coli in the remaining water body of the water cup. If the environment is suitable, one E. coli can reproduce 2 million in one night! Therefore, there are indeed some microorganisms in the overnight water. Compared to plain boiled water that has just boiled and let it cool, the quality of overnight water or boiled water after ten hours is indeed not as good as before. But it is not so serious and exaggerated to say how harmful it is to the human body. As long as it is not polluted, it is only left for one night or ten hours that the nature of the water will not change. However, because of the long time the water is stored or the environment, it will inevitably cause bacterial growth. Therefore, folks have “not to drink” or boiled water has a shelf life. People with fragile stomachs or children still avoid drinking overnight water or leaving them with boiling water for more than ten hours. In addition, compared to overnight boiled water, overnight tea is not suitable for drinking. Since the water after the tea is soaked will produce amino acids and other substances, it will easily lead to the proliferation of microorganisms over time, which is not good for health.

However, for a household water dispenser, a bucket of water is often left for about a week. It stands to reason that it has already exceeded the “shelf life” of water. However, regular bottled water has taken corresponding sterilization and sealing measures. As long as the water dispenser is clean, it can be safely consumed. In addition, it is best to wash the water cup after drinking water at night and dry it at night; or use a dry cup washed in the morning and boil it with boiling water. In addition, lipsticks that women like to use easily absorb harmful substances and pathogens in the air, so the lip prints at the mouth of the cup should pay special attention to cleaning.

What’s in the boiled water?

In terms of ingredients, the water that is often consumed daily is boiled water, bottled or barreled mineral water or purified water. Among them, boiled water and mineral water contain minerals, and purified water is water that does not contain various minerals and microorganisms. For example, a lot of white water scales will form on the inner wall of the boiling water pot. This is the manifestation of minerals, so in this sense, boiled water is also a kind of mineral water. So is it good to have such minerals and trace elements in water? In fact, the mineral content in the water is very small, and it will not have a big impact on the mineral supplement required by the human body. The minerals needed by the human body are obtained from other diets. Therefore, all kinds of claims circulating on the Internet, such as drinking mineral water for a long time, will lead to excessive mineral intake and even poisoning, and it is also wrong to drink pure water for a long time to cause nutritional deficiency.

Colleagues who are concerned about whether there are nutrients in water under the influence of various advertisements ignore the most important fact that water itself is a nutrient. We often say that carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water. Therefore, whether you like to drink water, tea or soup, you must ingest enough “water nutrition” daily to keep the complex machine of the human body running normally. From this perspective, boiled water is an essential and inexpensive “nutrient”.

No carcinogens in white water overnight

In addition, there was news in a circle of friends a while ago that boiled water overnight or repeatedly boiled water could not be drunk. Overnight boiled water and boiled water repeatedly, as well as non-day boiled water in a thermos bottle, contain a substance called nitrosamine, which is a strong carcinogen. is this real?

First of all, we must know that carcinogens will not be produced out of thin air. Because many people now have “phobia of chemical elements”, many things, including water, have suffered unjustly. For example, on the Internet, one of the most worrying rumors is that “boiling water will produce carcinogens after three days of storage”. It must be known that the most carcinogenic fumes, nitrate, cannot exist in water containing only minerals and trace elements, even if the water is left for a long time. As for whether boiled water repeatedly boiled is carcinogenic, in fact, as long as the source of water quality or the tools used to boil the water meets the safety and quality standards, in theory, boiled for many times in time will not produce carcinogens.

What is the smell of boiled water overnight

At the same time, many sensitive people also noticed that when drinking boiled water on the bed by the bed overnight, the normal taste is not the same as normal. Is the water spoiled overnight? In fact, the main reason is that the boiling water in the tea cup is exposed to the air for a long time. During the standing process, a small amount of carbon dioxide in the air will be incorporated into it. Therefore, the trace amount of carbonic acid produced will slightly lower the pH value of water, which will cause a change in taste and a slightly sour taste. Of course, a slight change in the acidity of a glass of water will not affect people’s health, even if you often drink this type of water. But if the boiled water has been dried for several days, microorganisms and various algae in the surrounding environment will also enter the water, and the taste will be even greater.

Although there is no fatal harm, the boiled water separated by a few days is easily contaminated by bacteria, so it is better not to drink it.

Water will kill many deadly microorganisms during boiling. However, after the temperature of boiling water drops to room temperature, various microorganisms will continue to enter the boiling water and reproduce in the water. The longer you are exposed to the air, the greater the number of microorganisms. But be aware that the shelf life of boiling water will also be affected by many factors, such as the material or cleanness of the container, the humidity of the air, or the room temperature. But in general, the longer you are exposed to the air, the more microbes and bacteria, the worse the water quality, and the greater the harm to your body. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain good drinking habits, such as drinking fresh boiled water.