What kind of food is good for kidney stones?

What kind of food is good for kidney stones?

Reasonable calcium supplement

Calculus is formed from calcium or calcium-containing products. If your previous stones were mainly calcium, you have to pay attention to calcium intake. If you are taking nutritional supplements, ask your doctor first if it is necessary. The second is to check the daily intake of high calcium foods, including milk, cheese, cream and other dairy products. Milk and antacids can cause kidney stones.

Eat more black fungus

Black fungus is rich in a variety of minerals and trace elements, which can produce a strong family of kidney stones for various stones.

What kind of food is good for kidney stones?
What can kidney stones eat

Eat foods rich in vitamin A

Foods containing vitamin A can maintain the health of the urethral endometrium and also help prevent recurrence of stones. Such foods include: carrots, broccoli, muskmelon, papaya, and beef liver. Okay consult a doctor.

Drink plenty of boiling water

Drinking more water can dilute the urine, the concentration of calcium ions and oxalate will decrease, and calcium oxalate stones cannot be formed. Studies have shown that a 50% increase in urine output can reduce the incidence of kidney stones by 86%.

Add rice bran

Can prevent stones from occurring.

What kind of food is good for kidney stones?
Prevention of kidney stones

Prevention of Kidney Stones

Prevention of kidney stones is focused on finding the cause of the stone, treating the cause, or intervening. Such as parathyroid tumors and kidney stones caused by hyperparathyroidism, surgical removal of parathyroid adenomas. Nephrolithiasis caused by narrowing of the pelvic ureteral junction should be performed with a joint forming operation. Other congenital and hereditary metabolic factors should be guided according to their specific conditions; diet adjustment is an important part of preventing stone recurrence; drinking water is also an important part of preventing stone recurrence.

Choose an effective treatment method like Jin Rong Shi Fang, a traditional Chinese medicine, to achieve yin and yang balance according to the etiology conditioning treatment, completely cure kidney stones and kidney stones with hydronephrosis, and cut off the recurrence problem.

We must know what kidney stones cannot eat, especially patients. Diet attention is very important for the recovery of kidney stones. For people, certain treatment in the hospital cannot be ignored. To prevent kidney stones, start with diet.