What to eat can regulate habitual oral ulcers

Nutritional principle

1, to ensure the intake of B vitamins.

2, pay attention to the supplement of lecithin: long-term do not eat egg white caused by “rotten mouth” and oral ulcers.

3, to ensure the intake of high-quality protein is the essential nutrients for repairing oral ulcer wounds.

4, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, drink more water, vitamin supplements and trace element supplements, to help prevent oral ulcers.

5, pay attention to oral hygiene recommendations: often appear ulcers, may wish to gargle with fresh salt water every morning, may have a certain effect.

Suitable food

1, the choice of meat and egg milk: pork, pig liver, egg yolk, chicken, duck, oysters, etc., rich in vitamin B2, can promote ulcer healing, maintain the integrity of the mucosa.

2, the choice of vegetables: celery, pods, lettuce, spinach, rapeseed, wormwood, medlar, rich in crude fiber, cold and cold, to keep the stool smooth, the fire down

3, the choice of fruit: red fruit, strawberries, persimmons, oranges, rich in vitamin C, should be eaten often.

Dietary contraindications

1, avoid eating irritating condiments such as pepper, vinegar, ginger, onion, star anise and so on. These foods not only induce pain, but also stimulate the ulcer surface to further enlarge it.

2, avoid eating rough and hard food such as fried pork ribs, fried chicken legs, nuts and the like. Because these hard foods are prone to friction in the face, aggravating the condition.

3, avoid chewing gum, chocolate, tobacco and alcohol, coffee, hot food and spicy barbecue, fried products. These are things that can cause or aggravate oral ulcers.

4, avoid eating ground food, such as bread, corn or potato chips, because the food after grinding, easy to adhere to the face, affecting the healing of the face.

5, avoid eating hot food. Boiling water or hot soup does not kill the bacteria on the ulcer surface, but it will cause irritation. Therefore, it is best to eat after the food has cooled to room temperature.