What vegetables are good for drying in autumn?

The autumn climate is dry, often causing people to feel the nose, pharyngeal discomfort, dry skin and easy wrinkles, so pay attention to timely replenishment of water and vitamins in the fall. Eating more fruits and vegetables can get a lot of vitamins, which is not only good for your health, but also good for preventing the effects of autumn dryness on your body.

Today, I will share 4 simple home-cooked vegetables, and interested partners can do it often.

[Coconut Spinach]

Spinach removes the old root yellow leaves, the roots of the spinach should not be discarded, cleaned, the fans are soaked in water, the garlic cloves are chopped into garlic, the finer the better, the carrots are washed and cut into filaments for use.
Fans are boiled in boiling water, the fans are very easy to be cooked, and the pot is boiled and boiled twice. The fans turn soft and turn off the fire. The warmth is enough to make the fans cooked, and the fans are cooked immediately. Hot, fans are soft and rotten. Fans who have passed through the water are immersed in cold water, so that the treated fans are chewy and not soft.
Fans licked the water and fished it out, then put the carrots and spinach into the boiling water and simmered. After the spinach carrots are boiled over the water, they are taken out into a large vegetable bowl. The spinach is shaken off with chopsticks, so that the heat is dissipated as soon as possible, and the spinach is squeezed into the water.
Put the simmered fans into the spinach, add the appropriate amount of garlic, add the appropriate amount of pepper oil, add the appropriate amount of salt, stir well with a spoonful of vinegar, and finally add the appropriate amount of sesame oil and mix well.
The mixed spinach is put in the dish. I have white sesame in the pepper oil. If there is no white sesame in your pepper oil, then sprinkle the cooked white sesame to increase the aroma.

[Cress fried and dried]

Cress picks up the old stems and leaves, leaves the tender part, cleans, drains the water, and then cuts into small pieces. After the cress is placed in the pot, it is easy to produce water, so the washed cress should be drained and then fried in a pan, otherwise There will be a lot of water, the fragrant dried and cut into silk, the pepper is washed after seeding and cut into filaments.
Put the ginger and saute in the pan, stir fry in cress, and the cress will soften quickly. Add the fragrant dried stir fry, add the appropriate amount of salt and stir fry. After the salt is put, the cress is easy to effluent, and stir it with a big fire.
Put the pepper into the stir fry, the pepper here is the use of non-spicy red pepper, the role of the side dish. Add a little soy sauce and fry evenly, simmer the dried juice and season with a proper amount of chicken. The cress is fried and dried, and the pan is placed in the pan.

[Garlic lettuce]

The root of the lettuce is dirty, cut off with a knife, peel off the lettuce, clean it, peel off the outer skin of the garlic, clean it, and knead it into garlic.
The water in the pot is boiled, and the lettuce is placed. When the water in the pot is boiled again, the lettuce is completely soft. Remove it and put it into cold water. After it is too cold, remove it and squeeze it into the dish. If you don’t prepare cold water, put the lettuce that has been simmered in water into a large dish, shake it apart, and let the lettuce heat up as soon as possible to avoid the yellowing of the lettuce and affect the appetite.
The lettuce that has been squeezed through the water is placed on a cutting board, and two or three knives are cut with a knife, which makes it easier to eat.
Put a proper amount of oil in the pan, add the garlic to the heat, and sauté the ginger. Add a spoonful of soy sauce, a spoonful of oyster sauce, a little sugar, stir well with the right amount of salt. Pour in the appropriate amount of water and stir well. The soup is slightly thicker. The starch is mixed with a small spoonful of starch and water. Mix the starch too much. The soup is too thick and affects the taste.
Put the fried garlic juice into the lettuce, add a few drops of sesame oil when you eat it, mix the lettuce well, and taste a very delicious taste.

[Sautified Kale]

After the kale is peeled off, the roots are cut off a bit, and the fungus needs to be soaked in water in advance. The roots of the kale are old and have many fibers. Cut off the old part and leave the tender mustard.
The fungus is softened and washed, cut into filaments, and the carrot is half-rooted. After washing, it is cut into filaments. The kale is peeled and washed and cut into filaments. The kale is marinated in salt for 10 minutes. After the mustard blue silk pan fry a few times, you can go out. After 10 minutes of pickling, the kale is softened, and the kale after pickling is easy to effluent.
Grab the kale with your hand, squeeze the water slightly, and squeeze the kale of water into the dish for later use. The kale should not be squeezed too dry. After the high temperature cooking, the pot will evaporate a part of the water. If the water is squeezed out, the dried kale silk lacks a tender taste.
Put the right amount of oil in the pot, put the onion ginger and shabu-shabu when the oil is burnt, then add the carrot to stir fry, stir-fried the carrot and stir-fry it into the fungus. Here, first put carrots and stir fry, then put the fungus on the stir fry. If you put the fungus on the stir fry, be sure to pay attention. The fungus will splash out after the oil pan. It is easy to burn the skin, first fry the carrot and then fry the fungus. It is safer.
Stir-fried kale, stir-fry in a pot, add a small amount of pepper and stir-fry. Add a small spoon and stir-fry. Stir fry quickly. Pepper, soy sauce can play a role in increasing the flavor and freshness.
Stir in the appropriate amount of salt, the amount of salt should be noted, salted in the front of the mustard blue silk, here to consider when placing salt.
Stir-fried kale is a quick-food dish, kale can be fried in a pot with a big fire, and it can be baked in less than two minutes. The long frying time affects the crisp taste.
After the kale is fried, add a small spoonful of sesame oil to the pan and taste the crisp and refreshing taste.