When is it better to drink black tea?

Black tea is a whole-fermented tea. It is sweetened by fermenting the tea to change its original coldness. Many people like to drink black tea, which gives it a warm feeling in its warm color. It has stomach, anti-oxidation and refreshment. When is the effect of fatigue and the variety of drinking styles, when is the best time to drink black tea? details as follows!

The best season to drink black tea

First, drink black tea in winter

Chinese medicine believes that black tea is mild and has a warm stomach effect, so the best season for drinking black tea should be winter. Chinese medicine also believes that drinking tea in the spring, drinking green tea in the summer, drinking tea in the fall, and drinking black tea in the winter.

Second, the benefits of drinking black tea in winter

1, Prevention of influenza, cold and warm

Some substances contained in black tea can effectively kill the flu virus. It is often used to prevent flu by drinking black tea or drinking it directly. The researchers used a black tea solution that was 4 times thinner than usual to soak in the virus-infected area for only a few seconds, and found that the virus would lose its appeal. The black tea is rich in protein, which heats the abdomen and enhances the body’s ability to resist cold.

2, Reduce harmful cholesterol

People who drink 5 cups of black tea a day have lower levels of LDL (down 7% to 11%) compared to those who drink colored drinks that look like tea. Low-density lipoprotein is called bad cholesterol, which increases the risk of heart disease.

3, Prevention of osteoporosis

The potassium content of black tea is very rich, and 70% of potassium is soluble in tea after brewing. Studies have shown that potassium not only enhances blood circulation, but also prevents or reduces the consumption of calcium in the body. In addition, manganese contained in black tea is also one of the indispensable elements of bone structure.

The best time to drink black tea

It is best for drinking black tea from 7 am to 12 noon. After a day and night of metabolism, the body consumes a lot of water, and the blood concentration is large at this time. Drinking a cup of light tea can not only replenish moisture but also dilute the blood and lower blood pressure, which is very beneficial for the elderly.

The effect of drinking black tea

1, refreshing and tired

The experiment found that caffeine in black tea stimulates the nerve center by stimulating the cerebral cortex, which promotes refreshing and concentration of thinking, which makes the thinking reaction more sensitive and memory enhanced. It also has excitatory effects on the vascular system and heart, and strengthens the heartbeat. Thereby accelerating blood circulation for metabolism, and at the same time promoting sweating and diuresis, thereby accelerating the excretion of lactic acid (a substance that makes the muscles feel tired) and other old waste materials in the body to achieve the effect of eliminating fatigue.

2, Diuretic

Under the combined action of caffeine and aromatic substances in black tea, the blood flow of the kidney is increased, the glomerular filtration rate is increased, the renal microvasculature is expanded, and the reabsorption of water by the renal tubule is inhibited, thereby contributing to an increase in urine output.

3, Anti-inflammatory sterilization

Black tea contains many polyphenolic compounds. These compounds have good anti-inflammatory effects. It has been found through experiments that catechins can bind to single-cell bacteria to coagulate and precipitate proteins, thereby inhibiting and eliminating pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, it is beneficial to drink black tea in patients with bacterial dysentery and food poisoning. Folks also use strong tea to apply wounds, hemorrhoids and Hong Kong feet.

4, Detoxification

According to experiments, tea polyalcohol in black tea can absorb heavy metals and alkaloids and precipitate and decompose. This is a boon for modern people who drink water and foods that are industrially polluted.

5, Strong bones

Polyphenols in black tea have the ability to inhibit the destruction of bone cell material. In order to prevent and treat common osteoporosis in women, it is recommended to take a small cup of black tea every day for a few years. For example, adding lemon to black tea, strong bones, the effect is stronger, can also add a variety of fruits in black tea, can play a synergistic role.

6, Anti-aging

Antioxidants in green tea and black tea can completely destroy the path of chemicals in cancer cells. The effect of black tea and green tea is roughly the same, but the antioxidant of black tea is much more complicated than green tea, especially for the heart.” The report said that the anti-aging effect of black tea is stronger than that of garlic head, broccoli and carrot.

7, Nourishing stomach and stomach

Drinking green tea when people are not eating will feel uncomfortable in the stomach. This is because tea polyphenols, which are important substances in tea, have astringent properties and have a certain stimulating effect on the stomach, and are more irritating in the case of fasting. Strong. Black tea is different. It is fermented and dried. Black tea not only does not hurt the stomach, but can nourish the stomach. Regular consumption of black tea with added sugar and milk can reduce inflammation and protect the gastric mucosa, and it also has a certain effect on the treatment of ulcers.

8, Anti-cancer

The argument that tea has anti-cancer effect is very popular. Researchers around the world have also done a lot of research on this, but it is generally believed that the anti-cancer effect of tea is mainly reflected in green tea, and new progress has been made. The study found that black tea, like green tea, also has a strong anti-cancer effect.

9, Diastolic blood vessels

The study found that heart disease patients drink 4 cups of black tea a day, vasodilatation can be increased from 6% to 10%. When the average person is stimulated, the diastolicity will increase by 13%.

The above is an introduction to the best time to drink black tea. From the above introduction, we can find that the best season for drinking black tea is winter. Because black tea is mild, there are many benefits to drinking black tea in winter, but it is forbidden to drink tea on an empty stomach!