Which fruits contain iron?

Which fruits contain iron? What are the common iron supplements? Iron is a necessary trace element in the human body. Everyone knows that foods with high iron content are basically derived from animal liver, lean meat, animal blood, etc. Then, there are those kinds of iron-filled fruits. Let me share with you. Big iron fruit!

Which fruits contain iron?


Peach, the taste is mild, its iron content is 4-7 times that of pear and apple, it can supplement very rich iron, it is the most ideal fruit for patients with iron deficiency anemia, as well as replenishing qi and blood, clearing the intestines and moistening effect.

Cherry iron

Cherry is warm and has a very high iron content. It is a high-quality iron supplement. It is often used to supplement blood to prevent iron deficiency anemia. Cherry can also moisturize the skin and make the skin smooth and rosy.

Dragon fruit iron

Pitaya has a higher iron content than normal fruits. Iron is an indispensable element in the manufacture of hemoglobin and other substances. Iron supplementation can prevent anemia, and vitamin C also helps to absorb iron.

Longan iron

Longan is very rich in nutrients, high in iron content, can promote hemoglobin regeneration to supplement blood, is very suitable for people with anemia, and has a beneficial effect on those who need to be nursed back to health or have weak constitution.

Red date iron

Jujube is a good product for tonifying qi and nourishing blood. The iron element in jujube plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of postpartum anemia. It effectively supplements the body’s iron elements, as well as the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, replenishing qi and replenishing qi, and soothing the nerves.

Strawberry iron

The nutritional value of strawberries is very high. The iron provided by 500 grams of strawberries can reach half of the daily needs of adults. It is suitable for people who need iron supplements, and is also rich in vitamin C, which can promote the body’s absorption of iron.

Yangmei iron

Yangmei is warm and sour, and iron is the main raw material for human hematopoiesis. Yangmei not only contains iron, but also contains vitamin C, which is beneficial to the body to absorb iron and achieve iron supplementation.