Who can’t eat durian

Durian is produced in the tropics and contains a variety of nutrients. It has always enjoyed the reputation of “king of fruits”. Durian flesh is light yellow, sticky and juicy, soft and sweet, and the smell is strong, but after eating it will feel cool and sweet, and the aftertaste is very good, so there is a hangover (durian) forgotten.

Durian is rich in protein and lipids and has a good nourishing effect on the human body. The smell of durian is special. The lover thinks that its aroma is rich. The aversive person thinks that it is unsavory and avoids it. In fact, the smell of durian has an appetizing effect and promotes appetite. The dietary fiber can also promote bowel movements. It is indeed a nourishing good. Generally healthy people can eat. Post-ill and post-natal women can be used to nourish the body.

Buy durian is better than the seven or eight mature, the smell is not very heavy, the first try is more acceptable; durian should not be overdose, eat more will get angry and nosebleed, it is best to take the durian shell with salt water to reduce the fire Stagnation, and can go to stomach cold.

Durian, which is naturally cleft after maturity, should not be stored for too long; when durian emits alcohol, it must be degraded. In this case, do not buy it. Although durian is good, it can’t be eaten at one time. The durian fruit has a thicker taste and is easy to accumulate in the intestines. When the stomach cannot be completely absorbed, it will get angry. In this case, it is best to drink plenty of water to help digestion. At the same time, several mangosteens can also be balanced.

Durian contains high calories and sugar, so obese people should try to eat less, diabetics should not eat, and durian contains higher potassium, so kidney disease and heart disease should be eaten less.