Winter lungs and coughs the best therapeutic side

The arrival of the cold winter has caused many friends to fall ill due to the inability to adapt to the climate change. If it is just a cold and a fever, many people are accompanied by a cough. The cough during the day and night not only does not rest well, but also affects others. The sleep, which makes the patients start to get upset. So is there any food that can moisturize the lungs and cough? In response to this problem, Xiaobian found an authoritative expert. He told Xiaobian that he would eat glutinous rice bran. Let’s take a look at the specific instructions below!

According to experts, winter is cold and dry. Chinese medicine believes that cold and dry evil are most likely to invade the lungs. The lungs and throat are very closely related. Therefore, colds often occur in winter. At this time, the state of the lungs can be adjusted to affect the throat. . For the maintenance of the lungs should be based on the run, lungs are not only beneficial to the health of the throat, but also can effectively alleviate the symptoms of dryness in winter. The best way to moisturize the lungs is diet therapy.

Why use glutinous rice bran? The main reason is that there is a high amount of calories in the glutinous rice to help people with cold resistance, and the sputum contains a lot of nutrients, and both of these foods are white. It is well known that white food has a good lung The effects of lily, lotus root and bamboo on the lungs are very obvious. In the winter, choose the sweet lotus root and the sweet glutinous rice and honey, and make a delicious glutinous rice glutinous rice. It is not only nutritious, but also moisturizes the lungs and coughs, soothes the nerves, whether it is the appetizer on the winter table or the dessert after dinner. A good choice.

Tips: Through the above introduction, I believe that you have learned about the winter lungs and coughs, that is, glutinous rice bran, here is still weak to remind everyone, although glutinous rice bran has the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving cough, but After all, it is not a drug. If you have a cold, it must be accompanied by drugs while eating glutinous rice bran! Don’t neglect the role of drugs, and let the condition worsen!