A high-fat diet may damage the olfactory system

Do you know? The disadvantage of high-fat diet is not only obesity, according to the British “Daily Mail” website recently reported that researchers at Florida State University found that a high-fat diet can cause significant structural and functional changes in the olfactory system.

The researchers conducted a six-month study of the rats and found that the high-fat diet caused 50% loss of cells that recognized odor in the brain of the rats. The researchers tested the ability of the two groups of rats to distinguish specific odors and found that the high-fat diet group performed significantly worse. When the researchers changed the odor, the high-fat diet group could not adjust quickly, indicating that their olfactory function was compromised.

For the first time, the study found a clear link between poor eating habits and decreased olfactory capacity. The findings were published in the journal Neuroscience.