Always drink sweet drinks and beware of fatty liver

Fatty liver is the most common cause of chronic liver disease worldwide. According to the “India Times” reported on June 4, a new study in the United States pointed out that the key to preventing fatty liver is to avoid sugary drinks. Studies have found that excessive intake of high-sugar drinks increases the risk of fatty liver.

In a new study, the latest experimental study by Dr. Brian Dibausk of the University of Washington, St. Louis, and colleagues found that a large molecule numbered GLUT8 would have a large amount of fructose (usually found in fruit or added to soft drinks). In the product, it is brought into the liver cells. It was found that by blocking or eliminating GLUT8, fructose can be reduced into the liver, thereby preventing the formation of fatty liver.

Dr. Di Boske pointed out that the new study found that fructose entering the liver requires the transport of GLUT8 macromolecules. If the macromolecule is removed or prevented, no food-borne fatty liver will occur. If fructose does not enter the liver, it may enter the peripheral tissues of the body (rather than the visceral tissue), resulting in a lower risk of health hazards such as fatty liver.