Apple is a GP in food

The proverb “one apple a day keeps the doctor away from me” is familiar to everyone. In daily life, Apple is more like a Cinderella. It has no outstanding appearance and no expensive value. Everyone has eaten it, but they may not know it … It is such a fruit, but it has become obscure. The most popular fruit in the world.

World’s most popular fruit

How to choose the most popular fruits in the world? A blogger called “Courage Fish” in the United States did such a boring and interesting experiment: searched all the fruits currently available in google, and the result “Apple” topped the list with a total of 413 million messages. Followed by oranges, bananas, strawberries and so on. The blogger also stated in the article that I wanted to enter “Apple” and “Fruit” to avoid searching for Apple company-related information, but after all, “Apple’s impact on contemporary culture and manufacturing can also reflect the popularity of this fruit Degree.”

Zhang Wen, a professor at the College of Agronomy and Biotechnology at China Agricultural University, explained: “It can be said that apples are the most important fruit in the world. At present, apples are grown in more than 80 countries around the world, China is the largest producer and Fuji has become the world’s largest A large cultivar. What is the concept of global apple production exceeding 60 million tons per year? Assuming that each apple weighs 200 grams (medium Fuji apple), then the world will eat nearly 400 billion apples each year, among which Directly imported, there are also a large number of ciders, apple juices, jams, which are sold worldwide. “

小 Wang Xiaowei, a senior agronomist at the Institute of Forestry and Fruit Trees of the Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, also told the Life Times reporter that there are many reasons to make Apple famous. First, apple cultivation is highly adaptable, with many suitable growing areas, and is not very demanding on the environment. Second, apples are resistant to storage and can be stored for years. “The apples we eat this season, except for some precocious gala fruits, are from last year.” Zhang Wen added. Third, apples are easy to process and can be made into a variety of foods such as wine, fruit juice, jam, and dried fruit, further expanding the scope of consumption. Fourth, apples are crispy and nutritious, suitable for the tastes of people around the world.

Studies have also found that apples are a very old type of “fruit”. According to the British “Daily Telegraph” and “Sunday Times” reported on August 29, about 60 million years ago, a disaster that killed the dinosaurs led to the birth of the apple tree. Besides serving as food, apples also reflect the progress of human civilization. Someone summed up the “four apples that affect the world”: the apple stolen by Adam and Eve became the origin of human origin; Paris won Venus with a golden apple; the fallen green apple led Newton to solve the mystery of gravity; Socrates tests the students with a wax apple, and Witty discovers Plato …

General practitioner in food

In his “Notes and Inquiries” published in February 1866, Zhu described apples as follows: “Eat an apple before bedtime, the doctor will lose his job.” This changed proverb has been cited for nearly 150 years. Although the expression is exaggerated, Cheng Yiyong, the chairman of the Chinese Nutrition Society, also said that apples are a “all-round healthy fruit.” It is rich in organic acids, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, polyphenols and flavonoids. In a list of “World’s Healthiest Foods”, Apple ranked first and became a veritable “King of Fruits” because it was “nutrient-intensive”, “naturally delicious”, “easy to buy”, and “everyone affordable”.

US Department of Agriculture organic food expert Barbara Cammy claims that the sources of “sour” and “sweet” in apples are also very beneficial. Although apple is highly acidic, it is not harmful. Its acid is composed of 90% malic acid and 10% citric acid. The sweetness of the fruit comes from sucrose and fructose, both of which are natural sugars and can be eaten by diabetics. In addition, mature apples contain 80% water and zero fat, which is very suitable for weight loss; an apple is equivalent to 1/4 of the daily fruits and vegetables required; apples are high in potassium and low in sodium, which can partially neutralize the high levels of modern people Salt diet. In addition, apple also has a toothbrush function, chewing it can clean teeth and kill oral bacteria.

The US “Find Health” website also recently wrote an article reporting that, in addition to the well-known vitamin C and other nutrients, apples also contain three special “star ingredients”, which have considerable health benefits. Pectin: This soluble fiber can help lower blood pressure and blood sugar. It also helps lower the “bad cholesterol” levels in the body and, like other cellulose, helps the digestive system to maintain a healthy state. Boron: This apple is rich in nutrients that can strengthen bones and strengthen the brain. Quercetin: A flavonoid contained in apples. This nutrient can reduce the risk of many cancers, including lung cancer and breast cancer. It can also reduce the damage of free radicals to the body and delay various regressions, including dementia. Of sexually transmitted diseases.

Four questions about eating apples

Apples have good nutrition, but people still have many questions about variety selection and edible methods.

Question 1: Do you want to peel apples? “This has always been a matter of disagreement.” Zhang Wen said, “Apple skins are very rich in nutrients, but people are worried about pesticide residues. In fact, the apples that are currently planted basically meet the pollution-free standards. And apples have been “bagged” when they were young, and they basically have no contact with pesticides. They can be washed and eaten directly. Generally speaking, the fruit is neat in shape, the surface is smooth, the color is light, and the difference between different fruits is small. , Often produced by bagging. “Jiang Microwave, a professor at the Food College of China Agricultural University, reminded that cheap apples purchased from mobile vendors or ground apples mixed with defective apple products have a higher chance of being contaminated by pesticides. It is safer to eat after peeling.

Question 2: Which apple is the most nutritious? From Red Fuji, Marshal Huang to Green Apple of Australia, “Although these apples look very different, they are only different in sugar and organic acids, and their nutrition is almost the same.” Zhang Wen said, but in terms of taste and taste, Golden Crown is soft , Fuji Hard, Green Apple Tart, Guoguang Sweet, everyone can choose according to their preferences.

Question 3: How many apples do you eat every day? Fu Jinru, chairman of the Tianjin Nutrition Society, said that “Chinese Dietary Guidelines” recommends eating 200-400 grams of fruit a day, basically a large Fuji apple can satisfy. “But there is no need to adhere to ‘one apple a day’, only 3-4 per week can be interspersed with some other seasonal fruits.” In addition, because the apple is hard, it is best to chew slowly and avoid swallowing. So as not to damage the stomach. The best time to eat apples is between meals. Fu Jinru said that apples as a supplement can provide the body and brain with the water and nutrients it needs, and it can also bring a feeling of fullness and reduce the amount of meals that are eaten.

Question 4: Can fruit jam replace apples? Fu Jinru said that during the processing of apple products, the nutritional loss of fruit juice is the least. Because the jam needs to be heated, it may lose some water-soluble vitamins and add more sugar. There are two types of dried fruits. Freeze-dried nutrients are preserved in good condition, fried nutrition has a lot of nutrition losses and high calories. Other apple products also include apple cider, which is not high in degree but has a clear taste, and the elderly can drink a little; apple cider vinegar has a weight loss effect, but try not to drink on an empty stomach.