Apple peel helps prevent high blood pressure

“One apple a day, the disease is far away from me” It is estimated that everyone knows, but which part of the apple is working, it is estimated that everyone does not know. Experts point out that eating an apple that is not peeled every day can help prevent high blood pressure.

Scientists in Canada have found that apples have better health benefits than other “superfoods” like green tea, blueberries, etc. These antioxidants, flavonoids, can cope with potentially life-threatening conditions.

In the study, researchers at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College separated the peel and pulp of the apple and found that the active ingredient in the peel contained ACE inhibitors was up to six times more than the pulp. ACE enzymes are well known to cause high blood pressure, so apple skin is better than fruit in preventing disease.

The Daily Express quoted researchers as saying that apple is one of the most popular and most frequently eaten fruits in the world. Apple peel is a very rich source of flavonoids. These flavonoids can inhibit ACE enzymes. Many health benefits.

If you want to achieve health benefits by eating apples, don’t discard the peels.