Baked bananas cure constipation better

Few fruits are baked, but in recent years nutritionists have found that a significant portion of the fruit is good for healthy nutrients, all on the skin. When most fruits are eaten, remove the skin and throw away some of the valuable ingredients. If you can bake the peel with a fire while eating fruit, you can bake the healthy ingredients on the fruit peel into the pulp. The most typical fruit is bananas.

Eating bananas can clear the stool, but eating two or three does not work. The reason is that many of the ingredients that are good for laxation are on the banana peel. Just eating banana flesh often fails to achieve the purpose. If you eat bananas, bake the bananas on the fire (not to burn). Then, the oligosaccharides on the peel can enter the pulp in a large amount, so that eating the pulp containing a large amount of oligosaccharides can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, and can enhance the ability of defecation, and also has a cosmetic effect, may wish to try .